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Like sriously. I know there is a fandom but it is comparatively small and not-so-active. I know the books aren’t 100% mainstream but they SHOULD 

List of awesome things in Terry Pratchet’s books:

Girl becoming a wizard,

boy becoming a witch because he wanted to fly on a broom

a whole army turned out to be women dressed up as men. No one noticed it accept for one person

female dwarfs wearing make up and dresses made of chainmail

Characters like zombies, trolls and ghost behaveing like actual PEOPLE

Death likes cats

and has a granddaughter who is a teacher


there is a dialogue when a gueen tells the king to stay with the children


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“PS: An odd thing happened to Terry [Pratchett] once. He bought a ring in a small shop in Pike Place Market, Seattle. It was slightly oversized, and he soon lost it, and couldn’t find it anywhere. A year later he was back in the city, went to the same shop to buy a replacement, and in reaching into his jacket pocket (a jacket which, of course, he’d worn many times during the year) for some loose change, he put a finger through the very same ring. How could it have been otherwise? Rings try to find their way back to their owner. Someone ought to write a book about it.”
- The Folklore of Discworld, Terry Pratchett & Jacqueline Simpson (via quasi-normalcy)
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“Death turned up in the Discworld books in order to make a joke work. That was in The Colour of Magic. Suddenly he was and, twenty-one years later, still is one of the most popular characters in the series. People ask me to forge his signature in books. Sometimes I get nice letters from people who know they’re due to meet him soon, and hope I’ve got him right. Those are the kind of letters that cause me to stare at the wall for some time.”
- Terry Pratchett, regarding the popularity of Death in the Discworld series. (The Art of Discworld with Paul Kidby)
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Okay but Muggleborn students whose first letter home reads “Dear Mum and Dad GRANNY WEATHERWAX IS THE HEADMISTRESS”

It becomes Tradition, as Discworld memes tend to do, with someone in the Common Room mentioning “Headmistress Weatherwax”, and then it becomes an in-joke with the people who were there even if they didn’t recognise the reference, and it spreads and grows, and the older Muggleborns tell the first-years who do know Discworld that Headmistress McGonagall actually knew Sir Terry, and was the inspiration for Granny, and you think it’s coincidence that Granny is so good at Borrowing and McGonagall can turn into a cat? and the Witches books get passed around, and we know how good Potterverse wizards are at critical thinking, and the upshot is that within a couple of weeks it is Established Fact that McGonagall is actually Granny Weatherwax.

And one day McGonagall stands at the podium at dinner time, and casts a baleful eye around the room, and says “I can’t be having with this.”

And the kids who started the rumour in the first place swiftly reevaluate all their life choices.
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Neil Gaiman’s response says “I was grateful for the comma”

more of the convo:
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Introducing! - a new blog dedicated to prompts for all your Fantastic Beasts inspiration needs!

Think of a great idea you don’t want to write yourself?

Want to see your headcanons turned into art?

Overflowing with thoughts you just want to share?

Want to create, but need some fresh ideas to get you started?

Submissions are now open!

There are no restrictions - @fantasticbeastsprompts is open to any and all pairings and prompt types. No idea is too big or too small. This blog was created in hopes that it will be a useful resource for creators across all mediums. Artists are welcome to use any prompt that inspires them and prompts may be submitted anonymously (through Asks).

Have fun and happy creating!
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A Gardener’s Dream victorian conservatory

Via Victorian Houses
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My mom said that today in church her pastor said in the sermon that Jesus told us to help the poor, and taking money away from public schools to give to charter schools only widens the gap between the rich and the poor.  She then added that Jesus spoke against adultery and lust and would not have approved of bragging about sexually assaulting women.  According to my mom, people got up and walked out.

The pastor also started the sermon by noting that she’d heard of another minister who read the entirety of the Sermon on the Mount at the pulpit, to be told by the so-called Christian parishioners after the service that it was offensive and they didn’t agree.

The Sermon on the Mount is straight up the words of Jesus.

I recently read an article that said, hypocritical Christians in America don’t actually worship Jesus. They worship America, and even then, it’s a very specific, self-centered idea of America.


My mom’s church talks almost every Sunday about how Christians are called to welcome strangers and foreigners and does tons of stuff to help refugees because HELLO, IT’S RIGHT THERE. IN THE RED TEXT, NO LESS.

I don’t believe everything they believe, but I REALLY like those people.

What a lot of these people are is idolators.

Not in terms of the realness or unrealness of who they worship, but in terms of how they’ve warped their focus away from the reality and turned it towards a fantasy of their own construction.

By definition, an idol is an image with no god behind it.

What they have done is taken the idea of Jesus and created a false image of him, nothing like the reality, to carry around in their back pocket, or to wave around on signs, and pull out and shove in people’s faces to justify all manner of unChristlike behavior.

It is a “worship” that is fundamentally self-centered rather than deity-centered, wherein the deity in question is more of a pocketbook get-out-of-jail-free card than directive to live by, and more of a status symbol than a guiding light.

That people will, without a shred of self-awareness, rest themselves assured that Jesus would want them to tip their waitress with a Jesus pamphlet made to look like folded-up money (to take only one example out of many) is the ultimate dismissal of everything the original stood for.

There is a line in the Bible about Jesus meeting his false worshipers and saying “I do not know you.” It seems like plenty of so-called Christians have beaten him to the punch with how quick they are to say they don’t know him.

A lot of churches and organizations in America that call themselves Christian churches are in fact Christianist cults.  They no more represent Christianity than Daesh represents Islam.  In addition to the usual nonsense of so-called Christians being pro-war, anti-immigrant, racist, and so forth, there are a lot of sects/movements that are just completely toxic and not Christian at all, even though they use that label.  If you are Christian and want to have some fucking nightmares, google “christian dominionist,” or “prosperity gospel.”

Still think this is the most realistic diagram of the difference between the theological Jesus and the Comfortable Reinterpretation of Jesus.

American Christianity is, at this point, like the Cult of the Emperor in ancient Rome, which is simultaneously both ironic and appropriate given the history involved

I’ve been saying for too long now: “Too many Christians want to be the Romans”
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bless you

To everyone: you know who you are.

Divination to Save a Life

Oct. 19th, 2017 02:21 am
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tl;dr i need an expensive, invasive surgery to keep me from dying. {(here’s the original post.)}

hey so i have to pay for surgery and recovery therapy + prescriptions and essentials (food, OTC meds, hygiene stuff) and, being mentally and physically disabled, i can’t work and have no income.

so what i’m asking is this–* PLEASE, if you have the means to, buy a divination reading from me.* and even if you can’t do that, please please please reblog this so others can see it.

i’m incredibly desperate and terrified. this is a very tough time for me. i appreciate any and all help. so, thank you.

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Oct. 18th, 2017 08:46 pm
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Oct. 18th, 2017 02:49 pm
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Straight dudes are their own worst enemies when it comes to getting laid.

Like, i know so many girls who are down for something more casual and who actually have really low standards that boil down to “treat me like a person, not a talking fleshlight”. And dudes refuse to even meet those standards!

Like, you know how many times I’ve been talking to a guy and I’ve already decided that when we hang out I’d down to mess around, only for the guy to start talking super graphically or send me a picture of his dick–and then literally all desire I had for him went out the windows.

Like dudes are so obsessed with sex that theyre scaring almost-certain sex partners away because they refuse to act like human beings capable of rational thought.

Bring thing this back to add an example:

I started talking to a guy on tinder.  He was funny, flirty and super nice even though he wasn’t really my type. Most importantly, he was completely respectful. He managed to let me know he thought I was attractive, and that he was interested in me, without ever saying anything gross, asking for pictures or asking for sex. We met up for drinks and talked for hours and I realized I was more attracted to him than I initially thought . Not only did I sleep with him on the first date, but I’ve hooked up with him multiple times after that. The first time, he didn’t make any assumptions. We hung out, started making out and then he asked me if I wanted to stay the night. That was it. He STILL has never asked me for a nude, or sent me some overtly sexual message or picture. 

But SOMEHOOOW I still want to have sex with him.

Conversely, I started talking to another guy on tinder today. On our FIRST conversation, he has mentioned my boobs 3 times, invited me over to “watch a movie” (he added the quotes, not me), suggested a fwb set up and just asked for nudes.


I try so hard to tell them.

Trash men are out here getting advice from other trash men so they don’t know how to act. 🙄

But… But why are they incapable of learning from bad experience after bad experience?

Because they find it easier to blame the women for it.
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via http://ift.tt/2zyZpwb:A dog called Odin survives California wildfires after refusing to abandon his goats:

As the raging California wildfires encroached upon Roland Handel’s home, he had to make a split-second decision — try to force his dog Odin into the car, or leave him behind.

Odin is one of two great Pyrenees who take turns guarding the family’s eight goats from coyotes and mountain lions, and he was on duty the night the fires broke out.

“I had my 14-year-old daughter and we had to get out,”


said between sobs.

So he opened the gates so the animals could flee, then drove off with his daughter, their three other dogs and two cats all packed into the family car.

“By the time we were going down the road, you could hear the twisting metal of transmission towers falling and propane tanks exploding,” he said. “I’ll never forget it.”

He returned the next day, circumventing roadblocks to get there.

He discovered that his home and everything else on his property was completely destroyed.

Except for Odin, who was there waiting for him — with all eight goats.

The dogs paw pads were burnt and his bright white fur was singed orange. 

“He looked small and he was limping. He was lying down a lot. He was clearly exhausted.”

A group of deer had gathered with Odin and the goats, Handel said, perhaps also taking advantage of the brave pooch’s protection. The deer scattered when Handel approached.

He believes the dog led the other animals to a clearing at the center of a high outcropping of rocks to avoid contact with the flames.

“Its amazing he’s in such good spirits. He doesn’t show signs of being traumatized at all. He’s just really happy,” Handel said.

“He’ll make a full recovery. He’s going to be back with his goats.”

Handel is now raising money on YouCaring to rebuild the animals’ barn and water supply before winter. 

Well now I’m crying at my dining room table over a dog and his goats


Oct. 18th, 2017 09:06 am
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I refuse to believe that Pac-man, as an observant Jew, would feast on souls. However, I am going to postulate that Pac-man is a metaphor for the turmoil inside the Jewish soul- specifically, Pac-man is the yetzer hara. And what else could he be? He does nothing other than devour, and devour, and destroy. He does not stop to daven, and he does not say brakha before he eats the wee dot thingies.

Above we see the four ghosts, Inky, Winky, Pinky, and Clyde. I postulate that each of them represent a different Jewish virtue. It is not Pac-man’s job to destroy them, but it is in his nature- it is the job of the ghosts to corral Pac-man and keep him from taking control of the soul, as represented by a maze.  Clyde, the yellow ghost, is the same colour as an etrog. His endless wandering reminds us of the wandering we did in the desert, yet like the other ghosts he still does the customs of a Jew, and therefore we may call him Zikaron (remembrance). Inky, as we see, is also called Bashful. Therefore  she represents tzniut, or modesty. However, the name Inky could also be a reference to the ink in which the Torah is written- this ghost is a scholar! Inky represents not only the learning of tzniut, but the application of tzniut, and for that she is called both Inky and Bashful. Pinky is pink, a colour associated with young children, and especially girls. Therefore Pinky represents new life and femininity- Pinky is a Jewish mama, maintaining spiritual influence over her family. The Talmud 

says that when a pious man marries a wicked woman, the man becomes wicked, but when a wicked man marries a pious woman, the man becomes pious. Blinky, or Shadow, is a stand-in for the Plague of Darkness in Egypt, because of his name, and yet also he warns of darkness of the spirit, and the perils of benightedness- he goes all blue and woogy not to let Pac-man win, but to warn Pac-man that winning comes at a terrible price.

Rabbis, it is time for the morning posts.
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To randomly continue the gemstone-educating trend I seem to have going, this is what I mean by there not actually being much difference between stones that are not emeralds in the lab-created vs. natural argument.

First, the ruby:

Without being told, how would you know which one is real and which one isn’t? (It’s the bottom image, by the way.) When it comes to lab-created rubies, they even manage to get the color variances correct within the stone. Both of these are predominantly a pink-tinged red with swirls of purple-y magenta in there.

Blue Sapphires are a bit easier to tell the difference:

This is a natural AAA-grade blue Burmese Sapphire:

And this is a synthetic blue sapphire:

The only hint you’ll have with lab-created sapphires is that, like an emerald, they’re too perfect. No occlusions. Now, good sapphires can have no occlusions and be perfectly cut in nature, but lab-growns will all be rather uniformly perfect and there will be very few variances in color–because natural blue sapphire tend not to have those variances except in odd instances. (Example: My dark blue sapphire was right up against a pyrite vein when it was harvested, so it has sprinkles of pyrite hiding in the stone if you look through it with good light and a jeweler’s eye. Sometimes you can even see them with light alone.) T

he Burmese example above helps to convince you it’s real in the way that it reflects light in different colors–note the pale violet. The synthetic is TRYING to do that, but it only ever manages a dark purple that’s still very close to being that same shade of blue. (There is a difference in cut between these two stones that makes the natural one reflect light more easily, but it would be behaving the same, regardless.)

However, once you get to the really DARK sapphires? You’re going to have a lot more trouble, like so:

Is it real? Is it lab-grown? I don’t even fucking know because the site didn’t say.

Basically when it comes to lab-created stones or natural gemstones, the best thing you can do is buy from a jeweler who has an excellent reputation or from a seller of the gemstones by themselves who has a perfect rating. Or get a degree in gemology.


Synthetic = cheap piece of shit. Synthetic gemstones are not lab-grown. (They’re most often faceted glass, but “synthetic” sounds better than “costume jewelry.”)

Lab-grown or Lab-created = chemically composed of the same material of the natural gemstone. If you can’t afford the real gemstone when it comes to a good sapphire or a ruby, lab-grown or lab-created stones are just as nice.

Just don’t buy a lab-created emerald. Don’t spend that kind of money when you can just get a nice, natural green beryl and have the same color and style of stone for much cheaper.
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via http://ift.tt/2xMFYxN:California Becomes The First State To Recognize A Third Gender:


Congratulations California on being the first state in the nation to officially recognize a third gender! 🌈 Thank you California Gov. Jerry Brown! 🌈

If you or someone you know needs support, we’re here for you 24/7 at: 866.488.7386🌟 Text and chat available at: http://ift.tt/2yMFXvA 🌟
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I realize this is not new information to anyone, but what struck me so hard this time I read the Lord of the Rings was the sense of melancholy.  Like it’s painfully obvious to the reader that this world is Not As It Once Was.  All of the characters we meet reference this feeling of loss in one way or another.  

The elves are the most obvious - with their fading light and their ships sailing away.  Treebeard talks about how the woods aren’t as they once were, about the ents who are falling asleep and withering to nothing.  The dwarves lust after the glory of their forefathers, be it in mountain fortresses or caverns of mithril - now empty and echoing.  Old Tom Bombadil remembers a race of great men and women, reduced simply to trinkets in cold tombs.

And even men, the race set to inherit this new age, even they are experiencing this sense of melancholy, of losing hold of something great.  We see their great cities reduced to rubble on riverbanks, or possessed by evil.  Aragorn longs to return to his throne to restore the glory of ages past, to somehow rejuvenate that which is dying in the race of men. 

And hobbits?  At first we see them as living in the present, with no great glory of the past to tie them down.  Yet when Frodo returns to the Shire, it is…Not As It Once Was.  And I think while the other hobbits are able to shake off this feeling and return to their love of life and the present, maybe Frodo’s true burden is to inherit this sense of loss from the rest of Middle Earth.  

And what makes Lord of the Rings (and Tolkien) so extraordinary, at least to me, is how there is still so much hope in the story even with all its sadness. Hope is literally Aragorn’s childhood name, given to him at a time his House is all but finished. Hope is what drives Gandalf and leads his way when others of his order become distracted and give up their purpose. Hope appears to Sam when he and Frodo trudge towards what seems to be their end in the fires of Mount Doom. Hope is there at dawn when Rohirrim arrive at Minas Tirith and blow their horns, and they ride to defend the City of Kings, though they know what they are facing. In fact, for me some of the most brilliant moments in the story are those when hope appears in the middle of darkest despair. Tolkien writes like sadness and hope are merely the two sides of the same coin. 

One of the many things I love about the world Tolkien created is the exquisite beauty that rises from sadness; lesser stories would transform sorrow and grief into bitterness, but in Tolkien’s world, it becomes a force for pity and wisdom and love. Some of his best and wisest characters are those who have known great sorrow. Melancholy and sadness are a part of Arda Marred, but like Gandalf says: “not all tears are an evil.” 

Perhaps my favourite quote from Tolkien is Haldir’s line from the Fellowship of the Ring, when the company is nearing Lothlórien:

“The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.”


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