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The Dresden Files Kink Meme

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Name:Dresden Files Kink Meme
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
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“Still going with the phallic foci, eh? Staff and rod?”
“They make me feel all manly.”

This is the Dresden Files kink meme, currently in Round Five. The rules are here. Read them first. Follow them. Have fun.

Got a question? Ask a mod. Got something to say that isn't just for a mod? Go to the discussion post. Want to check out some of the old prompts and fills? The delicious account is here (currently on-hold. Thanks, newdelicious.), and the pinboard account is here (not up to date).

The Dresden Files belongs to Jim Butcher and his publishing houses. The fic and other transformative works here belong to their creators. Follow good Creative Commons practice, and don't be an asshole.

*despite the dick Harry-centric nature of this profile page, the mods are all for each and every character getting their fair share of love.

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