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[personal profile] eiyria 2012-01-03 10:57 am (UTC)(link)
Warnings: None.
Kinks: None.
Pairings: None.
Rating: PG
Info: AU, Young!Harry, FILL, No beta.
Charactes: Harry Dresden, John Marcone, Karrin Murphy, Hendricks

I watched from the parking spot across from Lieutenant Murphy's home.

A saturn drove up and parked along the street. Harry popped out of the passenger's side and the Lieutenant followed. He waited for her at the side of the street. She turned him towards her house, hand pressed against his back, and walked side by side with him up to the front door.

It was oddly endearing.

She talked to him on the doorstep for a bit before returning to her car. He waved to her, and it was an adorably childish gesture. He watched her car round the corner, and when she disappeared from sight, he physically sulked. Head low, he gently shut the door.

And then I made a move.

It wasn't the smartest choice to meet him at his living space. But I didn't see an alternative. Unless I wanted to show up at his workplace, there really were no other options. The Lieutenant drove him to and from work, and in my employee's week and a half of monitoring his schedule, he hadn't once left the house. Oddly his schedule reflected the persona, quite the opposite of the rebellious teen I'd met at the register. The amount of contradictions he exhibited was something of a puzzle.

I let out a nervous breath, one I rarely was allowed in the presence of public. I had a reputation to uphold.

I raised my hand and knocked firmly on the door. I felt a tingle of sharp sensation ripple up my skin. It was an electric feeling that left the hair on my arm standing straight up. I kept my hands in front of me. With all his records gone, I didn't know how much time this boy had spent in the presence of violent men. It was better to keep one's hands where the other can see them.

The door opened, revealing Harry. His dark eyes were fixed on me. Not my eyes. Just me. I watched his expression mold through the stages of surprise and disbelief, before finally settling on anger.

"How dare you," he growled. "You have no right." His eyebrows knotted together and his gaze sharpened. I saw his empty hand clench into a fist and shake miserably. "This is my home." I heard the grinding of teeth, and the last part came out barely more than a miserable growl. "Get out. Now."

Tip-toe-ing around the subject was clearly not going to work, so I dove straight to the heart of the issue. Something that would at least keep the teen from slamming the door in my face. "You're a wizard."

His mouth sagged open for a few moments. His hand slipped from the door nob. His gaze which had been careful to avoid locking eyes, widened in fear and stared blankly into mine.

I felt an uncomfortable tug and his eyes seemed to swallow mine.

When what felt like minutes later had passed, I seemed to snap back into my own head.

I'd practiced keeping a near-perfect poker face for years. Upon occasion, my occupation and life tended to depend on my ability to keep my opinions to myself. Harry Dresden had cracked that facade in our previous encounter. He'd shocked me with rudeness and contempt, beyond what I'd come to accept in my everyday life. He'd caught me off guard.

I'd come prepared this time. So even though my mind had temporarily been displaced and I'd seen things beyond my level of normality, I'd somehow managed to keep hold of my facial features. However, it had nothing to do with my preparation. I figured it was more of a combination of luck and experience.

I wasn't quite sure what had just happened, but it was an opening, and I took it. "Harry, what -," I asked, "Was that?" I didn't have to fake much of the shock I interjected into my inquiry. I had no idea what had happened, but I had every intention of finding out.

Harry visibly twitched when I said his first name, but he seemed to have relaxed since we'd exchanged that strange eye exchange. He clung to the door, he seemed tired and the door seemed to be keeping him upright. "It's called a soul gaze." He sounded as if he were reading a long list of trivial facts. "When wizards make eye contact it happens. The wizard sees the other's soul, and the other sees the wizards soul. It is a two way street. Very personal. It doesn't happen very often with lower level practitioners, they usually don't have the juice to make the cut."

I nodded, and cut back to the chase. "Harry -."

He noticeably twitched again.

I nodded by head politely in apology. "Mr. Dresden-," I amended.

He didn't squirm when I used his surname, which was fortunate. It was awkward addressing someone nearly half my age as 'Mr'.

"I came to talk to you about an employment position I have available. Recently there has been some supernatural commotion that has been causing problems for my business and Chicago. I'm looking for a consultant to help me identify threats and remove them if necessary."

He shrunk back visibly. "I'm not a threat."

I was confused on how he'd reached that conclusion. The only thing I could think of was that his reaction was probably a result of his time in the criminal justice system. Possibly his loyalties lay farther from the law-abiding side than I'd initially anticipated. "I never said you were. If you accepted the position, you'd help educate me in matters of the occult."

I stopped. His attention seemed to be elsewhere. He looked back at me, eyes pensive. I noticed he didn't look away from my eyes this time.

"You're... a bad man."

"Ah," I sighed. "I beg your pardon?"

His tall body was nearly completely hidden behind the door. "I saw your car when we pulled in. You waited till Mrs. Murphy was out of site." His eyes never left mine, but I felt as if his mind was elsewhere, piecing together a puzzle.

What I could see of his eyes, widened. "You talk like him."

"Har- Mr. Dresden," I tried to get his attention off of his current train of thought. "For your services I could offer you a decent paycheck. Much more than the wages you currently receive. And if there is anything you need -"

I cut my speech off when I noticed he wasn't listening in the slightest. "You talk too much like him... Polite words masking intent... You dress like him too... Pompous... Concerned with false appearances... You want to own my loyalty... Me..."

His mind came out of whatever trance it had ventured into. His eyes snapped into consciousness. The single light in the doorway flickered.

"You're a bad man."

I didn't say anything.

"Get out. Now." He seethed. The bulb above him shattered, and shards rained down on his messy hair. The absence of light left him in the dark. Except for his gleaming eyes. "If you don't walk away right now, I will splatter you against the pavement. I don't care if they come after me. I'll do it."

The hate in his eyes, was something I'd only seen on a select few men. Dangerous men. Mad men. I heard the cackling of electricity in the air. A strange soft popping noise. Something heavy and oppressive settled in the air and threatened to gag me. It felt like a bad emotion that had rotted and curdled. Everything felt wrong. No matter how much I needed a consultant, it wasn't worth my life. I turned and walked back to the car. As I did I called out to him, "Think about it at least."

"Goodbye Mr. Marcone."

I smiled to myself. At least he knew my name. If he had a change of heart, he would be able to find me. I opened the door to the car and slid in. Hendricks was waiting for me.

"Are you not afraid he'll use your name to track you down and splatter you on someone else's pavement?" Mr. Hendricks asked.

I chuckled. "Splattered? No. It isn't his style. If anything, my body would be found bar-b-q-ed."

I saw Hendricks cock an eyebrow in the rearview mirror.

Besides, I thought to myself, I don't think murder will be on his mind tomorrow. I doubt the Lieutenant would protect a boy she thought was inherently bad. While he was capable of extreme violence, I didn't think he would actually act upon his rage unless his life was at stake. And more importantly, when he'd threatened to splatter me on the sidewalk, he'd casually mentioned a third party. A nameless 'they', who frowned upon that kind of deadly behavior. Thirdly, the soul gaze told me he wouldn't.

I settled in snugly to the back seat. That 'soul gaze' had given me an unanticipated advantage. I knew him now. I knew the person that he was, which might just turn out to be the deciding factor to get him on my side.
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Re: FILL 3

[personal profile] 11thmirror 2012-01-04 04:49 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, HARRY. Poor love. I just want to take him home and feed him and hug him and give him a puppy. He needs someone to look after him, and someone/something to look after. The first to tell him he's not a monster, and the second to show him he's not a monster.

Re: FILL 3

(Anonymous) 2012-01-05 02:15 pm (UTC)(link)
"You're a bad man."
Oh, oh, oh! That is so childish and yet so Harry. I love the version you've cooked up. It does make me wonder if Justin didn't do more damage than people think. This Harry seems to reach for the Black (I assume that is what it was) way quicker than canon. Habit/Instincts?

"I settled in snugly to the back seat."
Also, I would like to say the Marcone POVs are just lovely. This line has me picturing the cat with the cream, or in Marcone's case I suppose that would be tiger with the deer.

I don't know if I want Harry telling Murphy what happened. I can see her getting all pissed and hunting down Marcone, but then he didn't actually do anything...