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so on the subject of stolen property, i’ve seen various arguments on this point but it is in fact true that inheriting something from a relative, when you know full well that it was stolen, does not make it yours.

this clearly goes doubly so for powerful magical artifacts, and especially for artifacts which are strongly implied to contain part of their creator’s soul!

you can talk about consequences - maybe the artifact in question has benefits for you, maybe you’re not convinced its rightful owners would use it responsibly - but talking about the consequences doesn’t erase the fact that whatever benefits you think you’re getting are achieved through wrongful means.

which is why i, too, think Frodo should have given the One Ring back to Sauron. thief.

Hahahahaha here comes the law student nerd ready to complicate your wonderful post, op.

(Really this is just pretext for me to study for my property final in a week, so thanks yeah)

Because according to the principles of common property law, the matter of who actually owns title to the One Ring becomes really complicated really fast.

Buckle up babes for the pedantic law lecture no one asked for.

(more under the cut)

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The best part of this is: trust me I guarantee Tolkien knew this much about the Common Law (English mediaevalists end up knowing ridiculous amounts about both Common Law and mediaeval Catholicism whether we want to or not), and indeed if you look at the text, this was relevant to the story. 

It’s part of the reason that Sauron is as terrified of Aragorn’s potential claim on the Ring as he is of Gandalf’s or Saruman’s or Galadriel’s - if not more. Because in Middle Earth this shit matters. This is a world where a broken oath will literally bind your unhappy restless soul to the earth in spite of the dictates of the literal creator of the universe (who designated humans as Passing Beyond The World when they die). This is a world where a damn oath is responsible for Everything That’s Wrong With The First And Second Ages. 

Oaths, ownership, duties, rights, things owed and owing: this shit matters. 

And sure Aragorn is also direct line from Lúthien, but so is Elrond, and so are Elrohir and Elladan. So is Arwen. But what none of them have that Aragorn has? Is a rightful claim to ownership of the Ring. 

So much of what Aragorn spends his time in the second and third volumes doing is Establishing Claim - establishing that everything that Isildur owned, he now owns. Why? Because it means he has power that is absolutely needed. “Isildur’s Heir” isn’t a woo-woo floofy-high-concept thing: it’s a literal matter of rights, duties and authority. 

When he takes the Palantír from Gandalf and uses it, his companions are aghast, but he reminds them that he has both the right and the strength to use it - and the Right is actually important. Saruman was, face to face, stronger than Aragorn (never doubt that) and Sauron completely pwned him, but Saruman had no right to the Seeing Stone, no more right than Pippin. 

But the Palantíri belonged to Aragorn: he’s not only Melian’s ever-so-great-grandchild, he’s also Fingolfin’s ever-so-great-grandchild, and since the Fëonori died out with the poor Ringmaker, the only competition Aragorn could have for ownership of the Stones are Galadriel and Elrond. (And that’s only if you are going right back to the maker-rights, and ignoring the establishment of the Stones as the property of Elros’ line rather later). 

It matters. It changes how power works and doesn’t work. Aragorn’s status as the Heir is in fact grounded in these ideas, which play a hugely powerful part (in fact the fight over who rightfully owns the Silmaril Beren and Lúthien brought out of the dark is part of the bloodshed that makes it so that in the end the Silmarils themselves actively reject the last two living sons of Fëanor, negating their claim). Because Aragorn is the rightful inheritor of everything Isildur ever had, he can use the Palantír. Because he is the rightful inheritor of everything Isildur ever had, he can summon the Dead. And because he is the rightful inheritor of everything Isildur ever had, he stands equal to two of the Ainur, to the oldest member of the Trees-blessed Noldorin royal house, and to his own much more powerful (straight up) relatives as a potential claimant of the Ring. 

And that is why Sauron is willing to take the chance to catch Aragorn, and (he thinks) ensure his capture, rather than attacking him earlier on when there’s a chance that (even if Aragorn can’t possibly WIN) he could still escape and then bide his time before the next Ring-War and learn to use the damn thing. 

But. It’s also important when it comes to Frodo. 

Frodo uses the Ring twice, and lays open claim once. Both of the times he uses it are on Sméagol, both times overwheming him and in the second case cursing him (“if you ever touch me again you will be thrown into the fire”). We get both moments from Sam’s POV, where the physical reality of Frodo is replaced by an image of him as a much larger figure, alight from the inside, robed in light, and with a “wheel of fire” at his breastbone. 

Frodo does not have any genetics (so to speak) more special than any other hobbit. It’s not like Aragorn vs most humans, where there’s actually a legit difference because most humans were not, at that point, descended from a Maia. Frodo’s just this guy. 

The only thing that’s really special about Frodo in terms of the Ring is that, like Aragorn, he’s the other person who has a viable claim. It would, as it were, have to go to the judges to figure out whose claim is better. 

And this is why in the moment that he claims the Ring, in the Mountain, Sauron is fucking terrified. It’s why he drops everything else, even the issue of trying to keep his mindless drone-fighters going, even the maintenance of his actual control of weather, of light, of whatever fight he and Gandalf have going, to get his best servants back to the Mountain now now now now. 

Because Frodo having an actual rightful claim on the Ring means he can, in fact, use it. Not well, which is why Sauron can paralyse him for that moment it takes for Sméagol to strike (and carry out both Frodo’s demanded oath - “save the Precious from Him” - and his Curse - “if you touch me you will be thrown in the fire” - at once), but he could. This tiny little person is a threat to Sauron, in the heart of his own home, because he has the right to have and use this Ring. 

The tricky thing about Tolkien is that whatever his flaws (and he has many), the one thing he’s never unclear of is that the concept of right and might are actually separate. Just because you are strong enough to do or take a thing doesn’t mean you have any right to do it; and just because you aren’t strong enough to enforce your right, doesn’t mean it goes away. 


I had a nerdgasm just reading this.

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reblog and make a wish!this was removed from tumbrl due to “violating one or more of Tumblr’s Community Guidelines”, but since my wish came true the first time, I’m putting it back. :)
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“Writing is hard” I say as I continue to browse the internet, not attempting to write at all.
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you’ve been visited by money birb. reblog and good fortune will come your way.
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Me and my mutual followers that never seem to actually talk but we like and reblog each other’s posts:

This is weirdly specific, but yes, that’s it

Journal supprimé

Apr. 23rd, 2017 02:33 pm
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Je viens de me rendre compte que le livejournal de sofi-cerise a été complètement effacé, manifestement depuis moins de deux mois puisque le message des 60 jours apparait encore, et pour autant que je sache elle n'est pas sur DW.

Quelqu'un a des nouvelles et sait si tout va bien ?

Le meme des fics en cours

Apr. 23rd, 2017 09:47 am
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Le premier élan d'écriture passé, le rythme de ma fic Thor a ralenti, et il est en train de lui pousser un scénario, donc c'est le bon moment pour faire le Meme des fics en cours, que je n'avais d'ailleurs pas fait depuis deux bonnes années, tellement j'ai peu écrit entre temps.
Mais là j'ai de quoi !
Et en le faisant, je me rend compte que ce meme me force à mettre à plat les problèmes rencontrés, que je n'avais parfois pas vraiment articulés clairement dans ma tête, et me permet même de trouver  une solution à certains ! :D

Comme toujours, du plus récemment travaillé au plus ancien.

Ragnarok : Munus
- Thor 3: Ragnarok - Thor/Hulk, Thor/Bruce Banner - 4701 mots
Il y a deux semaines, flanellepilou faisait un appel à prompt p0rn et je lui ai donné entre autre "Tony/Bruce : perte de contrôle (encore mieux avec le Hulk ;))"... et juste après je me suis dit que si on parlait de perte de contrôle, le personnage le plus à même d'encaisser Hulk était quand  même Thor, ce qui m'a fait penser à la bande annonce de Thor 3 et au combat de gladiateurs annoncé...
C'est resté dans un coin de ma tête quelques jours, à grandir doucement, jusqu'à ce que je me remette à lire les fantastiques fics Thor d'Astolat, dont j'ai toujours admiré la concision, l'élan interne qu'elle parvient à insuffler à sa narration et la manière de passer d'un point A à un point B de son scénario de manière rapide et organique sans s’empêtrer dans les détails... et aussi sa manière d'écrire le point de vue de Thor, avec ce mélange de charisme flamboyant instinctif extrêmement positif quel que soit la situation, avec lequel cohabitent sa nature de guerrier et une forme de simplicité franche (de stupidité, dirait Loki) très efficace qui fait que certaines de ses fics surfent entre l'humour et le crack...
Ça a coïncidé avec le moment où je me disais que je ferais bien un appel à prompt à mon tour... et d'un coup j'ai su que j'avais envie d'écrire les scènes qui me trottaient dans la tête un peu "a la manière de"... Et l'écriture s'est lancée à toute vitesse !
Sauf que ma première idée s'est complexifiée quand j'ai commencé à la creuser un peu le comment et le déroulé des évènements, mais également assombrie quand j'ai rajouté du sex-pollen et le dubcon qui va avec, puis au fur et à mesure que je réfléchissais aux conditions de détention de Hulk dans les arènes... puis à présent le rythme se ralenti au fur et à mesure que je considère les étapes nécessaires à leur évasion...
Et je me rend compte que je suis en passe d'écrire autre chose que la fic p0rn semi-crack pleine d'élan et au final positive que j'avais en tête... ce qui est frustrant.
Du coup, j'ai deux solutions : soit je simplifie et j'élague un peu pour reprendre ma direction originale et pouvoir boucler sur mon épilogue humoristique comme prévu, quitte à avoir un peu plus que scénar et de nuances ; soit je me laisse aller avec le flot et je me lance dans ce qui est une fic plus large et probablement plus sombre.. et dont je n'ai aucune idée de la finalité...
Je penche pour la solution 1.

Les bébés nageurs (nom de travail)
  - Sherlock - Post S4 - Sherlock, John et Rosie - 1221 mots
Une fic partie d'une série de drabbles dans l'arbre le plus récent, inspirée par le fait que l'une de mes collègues fait les bébés nageurs avec sa fille (oui, il ne m'en faut pas beaucoup, et oui, je l'ai discrètement interrogée sur le déroulement d'une séance sans lui dire que c'était de la recherche pour une fic potentielle ! Même pas honte. XD).
Si la saison 4 de la série est globalement plutôt inégale, elle fourni quand même un terreau inespéré aux kidfics et donne plein de problématiques et de traumas divers à résoudre aux personnages... La piscine comme lieu de l'action est intéressante d'un point de vue thématique vu les derniers épisodes, et l'occasion d'écrire Sherlock en slip de bain en train de jouer avec un bébé est trop belle pour la laisser filer. Ça permet aussi de structurer la fic dans le temps de cours en cours, ce qui est intéressant pour gérer l'évolution et les changements psychologiques.
Après une première poussée assez rapide elle est un peu en stand by, mais j'ai globalement une bonne idée mentale de sa forme finale, donc ça devrait le faire.

Au dessus des nuages (le ciel est toujours bleu)
, ch 3/3 -  Star Wars: TFA - Poe & Rey - 420 mots
Le dernier chapitre de cette petite fic sans ambitions, dans lequel on verrait les échanges de Poe et Rey entre la découverte de la carte et le départ de Rey pour retrouver Luke. J'hésite entre l'écrire du point de vue de Poe ou de Rey, même si je penche pour ce dernier, pour conserver l'alternance des POVs, et parce que je n'écris pas assez de personnages féminins !

Hannibal fic 3 (nom de travail) - Hannibal - Hannibal/will - 1409 mots
Le nombre de mots écrit peut sembler important comme ça, mais je n'ai en fait que des bouts de scènes et des fragments de conversations disjoints qui tirent dans tous les sens sans aucune cohérence entre eux.
C'est sensé être la troisième fic dans la série de L'aurore aux doigts écarlates, mais je n'arrive même pas à décider si elle doit être la suite quasi directe de l'Horizon rouge sang, ou si elle doit reprendre un peu plus loin dans le temps en laissant une ellipse sur leur guérison et la manière dont ils échappent à la police...
J'ai lu beaucoup de fics qui faisaient l'un ou /ou l'autre, généralement très bien, et je n'arrive pas à décider de l'axe d'évolution que je veux faire prendre à Will et Hannibal.

L'affaire Lady Marcone - Les dossiers Dresden - Harry Dresden/John Marcone - 21 554 mots
Ma fic fleuve dans laquelle Marcone se trouve changé de sexe littéralement par magie, que je ne veux toujours pas poster tant qu'elle ne sera pas terminé. Le chapitre 4 était très calme mais comportait une révélation de taille, et j'embraye tout juste sur le chapitre 5. Comme toujours c'est l'articulation du scénario qui me bloque, une fois lancée sur l'écriture des scènes d'action en elles-même ça roule tout seul... Mais entre ça et ma muse moribonde, je n'ai avancé l'année dernière que poignée de mots par poignée de mots. J'ai une ligne directrice du scénario qui est sensé pouvoir me mener jusqu'à la fin, mais comme toujours, la différence entre la théorie et la pratique se fait sentir, et l'aspect vraiment organique du scénar ne me vient que quand je suis en train d'écrire... C'est vraiment une lutte constante.

Et c'est tout pour l'instant !

Peter S Beagle, author of “The Last

Apr. 23rd, 2017 03:37 am
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via http://ift.tt/2p8xhgO:Peter S Beagle, author of “The Last Unicorn,” is in dire need! Here are three ways you can help.:



… l trouble – trouble severe enough so that, according to his friend Adrienne Leigh, it’s currently difficult for him to buy groceries.

In a nutshell, Beagle was the victim of a scammer. As a result of this, Beagle is both broke and embroiled in an expensive lawsuit. Here are three ways you can help.

SHORT-TERM: Give a birthday gift directly to Peter Beagle via his paypal. If you’re known to me, contact me directly for Beagle’s email address (you can email me, or just leave a message in the comments asking me to email you; if you do that, make sure you comment using your real email address!); or you can go to Adrienne Leigh on Twitter and DM her for the email address.

These birthday gifts can be used by Peter Beagle for his household’s immediate day to day needs. (And yes, his birthday is this week!) Please say “happy birthday!” in the Paypal message area.

Go to the Support Peter Beagle website and use the button there to contribute to a fund to help pay for Peter Beagle’s legal costs.

Peter Beagle has curated a Humble Bumble of unicorn fiction, called “Save the Unicorns.” You can pay as little as $1 to get a ton of novels to read, and support Peter Beagle at the same time! Important: In “choose where your money goes,” pick 100% Tachyon Press. Peter Beagle will get royalties and such from Tachyon for these Humble Bumble sales.

To be kept up-to-date on Peter Beagle news, follow @RealPeterBeagle on Twitter.

I’ve researched and found this terrible news to be true.
This isn’t mermaids - but still in the realm of the fantastic and beautiful (Peter S. Beagle himself being those things…as well as his stories). 
I would appreciate if my followers could spread this around. Creatives are constantly being taken advantage of, and it’s unfortunate to hear that even Beagle is not immune to this reality. 
If you can’t donate, please reblog - don’t just like. Beagle is such a kind and well meaning soul, who shouldn’t have to endure this kind of shit in his later life. 


Apr. 22nd, 2017 12:56 am
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much like Ocarina of Time, though there are completely valid criticisms of the Pirates of the Caribbean series I don’t care I will watch I will enjoy I will be on this hype train drink up me hearties yo fucking ho 

I watched the first one in theaters - four or five times, I can’t remember the exact number. 
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My name is fan
And wen its nite
Wen normal fowk
ar sleeping tite
Wen showrunners
Hav ben a dic
I do the thing.
I rite the fic.
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i had to… it was on my mind all day
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Okay, but Snow White AU?

Grindelwald asking his mirror who’s the most powerful wizard in the world and getting constantly images of this freckled idiotic guy who naps on dragons

or plays with nundus as with regular kittens

Grindelwald thinks his mirror is trolling him

or the wifi connection is bad? Spambot is on?

He manages to disguise himself

the bleached pineapple is fitting

it’s ridiculous enough so no one will ever doubt his intentions

He tries to poison the freckled guy

Feeds him with whatever poisons he has

It doesn’t have any fucking effect- what are you saying? You have antibodies? Well, shit.

He invents a poison. He feeds the guy with it. It doesn’t kill him. (Sucks. Grindelwald sucks at poisons.)

But it makes the guy fall in a state of deep sleep.

That will do, Grindelwald thinks.

The mirror shows his own mug when he asks again. Perfect. Marvelous.

Enter Percival Graves, a knight? A prince? Whatever you want him to be, seriously.

He finds the guy and thinks that cardiac massage and mouth-to-mouth respiration will help to get the guy conscious again?

What are you doing, Graves, he didn’t drown in the mountains, dude! He’s just asleep, man.

Surprisingly, the freckled beauty blinks his eyes open when he feels hands groping at his chest and an eager tongue pushing through his parted lips.

He kicks Percival in the gut, screams and then slaps his face one, two, three, ah, four, five, man, uh, six, okay, Newt! That’s enough, you’ll knock him out, seven, woah, eight.

Grindelwald is in front of his mirror, a cocktail in hand. He asks again while sipping from his drink. Bliss.

He spits everything out. Bleh, gross, man. The mirror grimaces at him. “Wipe me down, asshole.”

It says while showing him the freckled guy beating the shit out of a handsome man, a furious blush on his face.

This is the best thing I’ve ever read in my life
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Sure! It’s currently a WIP/yet-to-be-posted over on AO3; the link’s here. Again, the story is not mine!

The Morning After I Killed Myself

Apr. 19th, 2017 04:35 am
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The morning after I killed myself, I woke up.

I made myself breakfast in bed. I added salt and pepper to my eggs and used my toast for a cheese and bacon sandwich. I squeezed a grapefruit into a juice glass. I scraped the ashes from the frying pan and rinsed the butter off the counter. I washed the dishes and folded the towels.

The morning after I killed myself, I fell in love. Not with the boy down the street or the middle school principal. Not with the everyday jogger or the grocer who always left the avocados out of the bag. I fell in love with my mother and the way she sat on the floor of my room holding each rock from my collection in her palms until they grew dark with sweat. I fell in love with my father down at the river as he placed my note into a bottle and sent it into the current. With my brother who once believed in unicorns but who now sat in his desk at school trying desperately to believe I still existed.

The morning after I killed myself, I walked the dog. I watched the way her tail twitched when a bird flew by or how her pace quickened at the sight of a cat. I saw the empty space in her eyes when she reached a stick and turned around to greet me so we could play catch but saw nothing but sky in my place. I stood by as strangers stroked her muzzle and she wilted beneath their touch like she did once for mine.

The morning after I killed myself, I went back to the neighbors’ yard where I left my footprints in concrete as a two year old and examined how they were already fading. I picked a few daylilies and pulled a few weeds and watched the elderly woman through her window as she read the paper with the news of my death. I saw her husband spit tobacco into the kitchen sink and bring her her daily medication.

The morning after I killed myself, I watched the sun come up. Each orange tree opened like a hand and the kid down the street pointed out a single red cloud to his mother.

The morning after I killed myself, I went back to that body in the morgue and tried to talk some sense into her. I told her about the avocados and the stepping stones, the river and her parents. I told her about the sunsets and the dog and the beach.

The morning after I killed myself, I tried to unkill myself, but couldn’t finish what I started.

I needed this tonight

If you’re looking for a sign not to then this is it. My inbox is open if you think talking to a stranger will help.

This is devastating and precious. Wow.

If anyone needs this, here you go. Just remember that somebody, somewhere always cares about you.

Such a beautiful piece of work. Stunning and powerful.
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This is the lucky clover cat. reblog this in 30 seconds & he will bring u good luck and fortune.



I’m convinced bc I reblogged this on Friday, got hired at a job I had a million interviews for, went on a first date that went well, and got kissed a billion times so like hell ya to the luck cat


It's not denial...

Apr. 18th, 2017 11:22 am
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Globalement sobre (mais pas totalement à jeun), elle passe une partie de son week-end de Pâques à faire des recherche google sur de l'argot sexuel moyenâgeux et à écrire une scène de sex-pollen en mode baston du point de vue de Thor, et se dit que le résultat est quand même vachement fleuri.

Trop d'adjectifs tuent-ils les adjectifs ? Non, décide-t-elle.
Et serait-il opportun de rajouter une *deuxième* scène de sexe post sex-pollen avant l'épilogue ?

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via http://ift.tt/2oHldRg:
Not mine! But it’s such a bittersweet, wonderful story concept that I couldn’t help but want to share it - someone’s writing it over on AO3.

To quote the summary provided on youtube: “Grindelwald’s curses aside, it wasn’t a relationship meant to last. At least not in the magical world…and not until the passing of a century.”

“OR: After the reveal of Grindelwald, Newt stayed in NYC to help find the real Percival Graves. After that the relationship between the two of them had developed to be more than that of MACUSA consultant and director. During a prisoner transfer gone wrong, Grindelwald escaped and had managed to hit Graves with a curse while killing Newt. Graves live on to modern day, throwing himself into his work in MACUSA, his magical force draining but sustaining his life like a perversion of immortality. Many years passed, he still looks the same, as Picquery and many of his old aurors retire and new faces show up. Including Newt.”


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