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Re: Meta on "Lost in the life" dub!con and non!con and canon!Marcone

(Anonymous) 2011-06-07 05:26 am (UTC)(link)
I think he is doing it on purpose, but that he's also possibly not aware of the extent that he is.

I also think that if he knew why Harry had been collared - if he asked and Harry told him about Justin and Elaine and what he'd done and why and how young he'd been - Marcone would be horrified, guilty... and then go on and keep doing exactly what he has been doing, because he's the boss of the Chicago outfit and he's ruthless and pragmatic and Harry is still useful, still a thing he wants to *own*, and besides, at least if he has Harry, he can take care of him, look after him better than some of other owners Harry could have had. And he wants him and Harry wants, and maybe it's not fair or right or moral, but then what is? He won't let go of something that's both useful and that he wants to have.

Also, I'm guessing that the collared warlocks are often young wizards who break the rules because they don't know any better, or are doing the wrong thing for the right reasons (like Molly) or just think they won't get caught. They're the ones most likely to break the rules, still be sane, get caught and be considered potentially useful. And they're more likely to be malleable and have fewer defenses.

The ones that are too far gone for rationality probably get killed outright and the ones that are too dangerous probably get killed outright as well. The ones that get collared have to be weak enough to be captured and not killed and sane enough to useful. Not that there aren't older captured ones as well, just that it wouldn't surprise me if collared wizards skew young.

Other thoughts! Harry is so isolated in this! He's pretty much just got *Hendricks* looking out for him. No Bob, no Nick, no Mister, and no Mouse or Murphy or Michael.