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Dressing Room

Ack! Close the door; people are changing in here!

This post is for RPG shenanigans. The rules stand. A short refresher: don't be an asshole.

This post-specifics: multiple characters are okay. Characters specific to alternate verses are okay. OCs are okay. Your journal coming in to hang too is okay. There isn't a formal scenario here; it's an open sandbox where all characters and community-watchers can come and play. If your thread is going adult-only, put up a notice in the subject line. If it's going into trigger territory, don't be an asshole: no noncon-noncon'ing anyone, watchers included. Don't start OOC shit.

And have a blast!

(Don't have a dreamwidth account for your character(s)? Go check out [site community profile] dw_codesharing. If there's nothing on the first page, dig deep. Lots get missed, especially when new codes go out. Also, check out the code sharing post.)
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Mac nods, passing over a little basket of sweeteners and sugar. Then the sandwich is done-- he corrals the meat with a spatula, the grilled onions, sliding them easily into the toasted roll, going deeper into the kitchen to check the progress of the latest batch of fries-- they're done, and he drains them and spreads a generous portion along Morgan's plate.

"Welcome," he grunts when he sets them on the bar near Morgan-- and if he didn't wait for a 'thank you' it wasn't because he doesn't think one was coming.