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Rex, Regina 1/?

Characters: Sue, Various Fae Creatures
Pairings/Kinks: None. Warnings: None.
Summary: She was Harry's first attempt at necromancy, not as refined as an experienced necromancer would have it, and being so close to the epicenter of the darkhallow left them... changed.

A/N-Shameless crack and wish-fulfillment because the idea would not leave me alone. Curse you kinkmeme.

It Starts...

Sue snorted, and rocked to the side so that her weight would shift and she could stand up. She looked around in curiosity, her hunger sated for the moment. She remembered prey. A whole field of it, stupid and raw hers. Hers for the taking! Shambling, dumb two-legged beasts without armor and oh-so-delicious... it had been a good hunt. But they were gone now, the storm had passed (as they always do) and now she was in a place that was neither the stony wood of death or the fern filled havens of her birth. She was a tiny bit confused, and sniffed the air, pacing in a circle that crushed thorns and swatted aside trees. The air smelled bad. Horrible; like carrion that had been left out too long in the muck.

She wondered, briefly, where she was, though it probably didn't matter and she wasn't too worried. Nevernever, something inside her supplied. She wondered where other-self was. Other-self. The self that pushed her on, and guided her out of the stony wood. As a dinosaur, life was very simple. There was the self, Sue Though when had she begun referring to herself as such? There was prey. Yummy, yummy prey other-self had guided them too. There was predator. Though they were gone, now, she knew as other-self had known. And she was Rex. There was other-selfs, though seen rarely and used only for the making of new selfs. And there was the not-eatables. Sue glanced around once more, but all she saw were the fourth kind. Boring kind.

She shook herself and began walking. She didn't care for the new territory, it smelled funny, and she wanted to know where other-self was. Sue remembered screaming, and chasing the prey as it ran to harm other-self. Sue ran through the storm that seemed to touch everything but Sue. Sue remembered... biting it. A little. The great Tyrannosaurus had snapped at the cloud in irritation just before it burst, and Sue remembered being lifted off her feet.

Remembered being broken apart, but Sue was... already dead. You can't kill what is already dead. Sue briefly wondered what a Darkhallow was, why absorbing it would be a bad thing, and then jumped a ravine only to land in snow.

Despite being an ancient dinosaur with limited intelligence, looking behind her to see the near perfect line between winter and barren land, she could tell something was very, very wrong. Because she was an ancient dinosaur with limited intelligence, she didn't care.

"What. Is. That?" A pompous voice questioned, and Sue looked around to spot a shiny-dressed creature riding up on a four-legged beast. Horse, said the echo of other-self, faery horse.

"I believe it is some kind of... lizard, my lord." A different voice quavered. "There was a, ah, situation in the mortal world not far from here some time ago. Necromancers."

Necromancers. Dirty, mucky things, Sue thought even though she wasn't sure what a necromancer was. Not fit for eating. Fit for killing, though. She prowled closer and froze as the armored prey drew forth a big pointed stick. Lance and turned his steed toward her. Sue wasn't hungry. For the first time in over ten million years. She had been inclined to let the preys go.

"Creature, you have trespassed into Winter, you shall be driven out, or driven through." The shiny prey then charged, the other being beneath it giving a warning whinny, and Sue snorted as a phrase she didn't understand filtered through her tiny dino mind.

Oh no he didn't.

She swished her tail, another phrase flashing before her eyes.


Her powerful legs curled under her, and she sprung. Unnatural winds whipped around as she landed on the blown-prone armored prey and crushed its chest. Her clawed feet tore into the armor plating like built in magical can openers.

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