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Harry needs to get married because of Reasons and the only workable candidate is Lady Giovanna Marcone, Baroness of Chicago. She agrees, after negotiating an advantageous deal, and Harry moves into her mansion. A few weeks later, Harry's developing feelings, while Giovanni is still all business. So Harry resolves to court her, in his very special Harry fashion.

Fills in chronological order:

Take This Man (

Characters:Giovanni Marcone, Harry Dresden, Michael Carpenter, Nathan Hendricks, assorted others.
Warnings:none of the usual suspects
Kinks:Wealth, marriage before love, business contracts, fashion.

Mr. Marcone, Kiss the Bride (

Characters:Harry Marcone, Mr. Hendricks, Giovanna Marcone, Michael Carpenter, Charity Carpenter, Eb McCoy, Luccio, assorted others.

Warnings:marriage for reasons, religion
kinks:wedding, wealth, heterosexual shagging, oral and penetrative.

Mr. Marcone, Man Up (
Characters:Giovanna Marcone, Harry Marcone.
Warnings:none of the usual
Kinks:nudity, sex, pov switch

Playing House (part 1) (

Characters:Harry Marcone, Giovanna Marcone
Warnings:schmoop and sadness
Kinks:married for Reasons

And, to date lastly,

Recap (in every love story there are Nurses and Friars) (

Characters:undisclosed pov recounts events.
Warning:recounts of violence and other Book items
Kink:literary conceit. love. power. etc.

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