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The Crowning

Header Info:

Pairings: always-a-girlHarry/Marcone, OMC(George)/Murphy/Kincaid, Hendricks/Gard, Carlos/Molly, Michael/Charity, Harvey/Mike (Suits characters)

Characters: Harry, Marcone, OMCs, OFCs, the Alphas, Gard, Hendricks, Kincaid, Ivy, Murphy, Carlos, Molly, Elaine, Mouse, Maggie Jr., Toot, Mister, Leanansidhe, various and sundry other fae, Donar Vaderung, Helen Beckitt, the Denarians, Jacob, Michael, Charity, the Senior Council

Kinks: I actually can't think of any for this. It's rather tame in the sex department.

Warnings: Violence, character death though it's not graphically described

Original Prompt: Alwaysagirl!Dresden/Marcone. They get hitched. Tell me everything, anons.

Is the world ending? Is it spontaneous or planned? Who marries them -- a priest? a judge in Marcone's pocket? Lea? Does Harry have a ring? Do they argue at the altar/desk/burning crater? Who does the asking? Do they have a honeymoon, or do they just barricade up somewhere in Chicago and fuck for days?

Basically, I want a story about the bits of western christian wedding/marriage tradition that they keep, and the bits that they really, really, really don't.

First 11 parts here:

Continued here:

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