Someone wrote in [community profile] dresden_kink 2011-05-17 05:49 pm (UTC)

Re: Personality Traits,

idk, often characters change from fic to fic, from TV to books and to comics... So, I'll shoot.

Dresden: had a difficult past so he intends to 1) help others, like new mags 2) add humor as much as possible. Disorganized. Courageous and decisive, a.i. he does staff as soon as he decides on it. He lacks connection to others, partly that's why he has Mister, but he's ok with it and copes well.
Murphy: well, as in books. Strong but with undercurrent vulnerability. Wants to prove herself, carrier oriented. Judges fast, white and black.
Bianca: idk, vampire psych and all... I like her in TV series, where she can be nice on a whim and not actualy evil.
Marcone: logical, consistent in his goals, energetic. Nice sense of humor, not enough chances to exercise it. Smug. Loyal.
Michael Carpenter: nice, traditional kind of guy, family oriented.
Thomas Raith: conflicted, lightheaded, artsy. Romantic.

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