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Hi Anon (and lurkers),

Round One and Round Two were left open explicitly so folks could leave feedback on fic there. If you like a fic you've read (whether it's a WIP or not), always leave feedback! How else will the authors know you appreciate all their hard work?

That said, since this has come up a few times now, we do not condone harassing authors. If a fic hasn't been updated, chances are the author doesn't have the time or energy to do so. Letting authors know you've enjoyed their work and thanking them for their effort is one thing; begging for fic updates as a method of guilt-tripping someone to finish a work they can't (right now or ever) is something else entirely. It can be a thin line: you don't have to 'bug' someone; letting authors know they have an audience to come back to can be friendly and encouraging. Remember to be respectful and considerate!

//re-posted for important edit!

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