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Not anon'ing as I just posted this on my lj. *coughs*

Does anyone else think that maybe Harry's perspective on gender roles/his chivalry/chauvinism is just an extension of his fear of sexuality? I mean, he is comfortable associating sex with a woman only as long as he can also associate love, commitment, etc. He grows more relaxed come the time with Luccio, but even then he expected long-term commitment and needed Luccio in his face and Thomas shoving him into her.

When it comes to looking at men and women, he looks at them both in a sexual way without admitting he's looking at them in a sexual way (i.e., Molly, Marcone, and Thomas before he knew Thomas was his brother). He makes it clear that he thinks of Molly as a relative while checking out her chest. It's possible he's the only person who's mastered being in the closet for bisexuality.

The only time he has control over someone else's sexuality, he bans sexual acts. It makes you wonder if that was something that was taught to him (apprentices /=/ sex) or if it's something he wished he could have done himself when he was younger (been celibate and stayed celibate).

tl;dr: Harry Dresden's a chauvinistic bastard because he's scared of sex.

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