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Contact A Mod

Here's where you comment if you want to get a mod's attention. If you don't want to comment, email dfkm DOT mods AT gmail DOT com. If you have a problem with a specific comment, prompt or fill, please include a link to it.

If you have a serious fear of posting logged in, contact the mods and we can ban your account.

Delete Please?

(Anonymous) 2011-08-20 05:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello, mods.

Sorry to bother you with this request but could you please delete this post of mine (http://dresden-kink.dreamwidth.org/2675.html?thread=1891955#cmt1891955). I've re-written this part and made clearer the summary so there won't be any confusion. I don't have a dreamwidth account and I'm unsure if I could delete it myself without causing problems.

I've already posted the revised prologue and the new part one after it.

Thank you for all the help!