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Contact A Mod

Here's where you comment if you want to get a mod's attention. If you don't want to comment, email dfkm DOT mods AT gmail DOT com. If you have a problem with a specific comment, prompt or fill, please include a link to it.

If you have a serious fear of posting logged in, contact the mods and we can ban your account.

(Anonymous) 2011-04-12 03:32 am (UTC)(link)
What about a voluntary reminder thread? Maybe over on the discussion page? Something along the lines of "Author of [insert fill here] is not feeling the love, do you want me to continue?"

Of course, that makes me think there should be corresponding threads with "Author of [insert fill here] will not be continuing" and "Author of [insert fill here] is putting his/her fill up for grabs, round robins, and what-have-you." Something like a "status of fill" thread.

The problem is that this gets complicated, and if the author doesn't want to continue, they shouldn't feel they have to. And you might have the problem of anons who aren't the author starting threads just to get the author-non's attention.

...I am one who will likely need reminders that hey, that's my fill over there. Oops. ^^; I'm not the anon you're thinking of, but it could have EASILY been me. It's one of my semi-fears that I've lost a fill somewhere and left it unfinished.