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Round Five by five, baby!

Round Five: Open!
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Please consider trigger warnings for any other widespread triggers in your fill, such as natural disasters, or specifying instances of harm, such as eating disorders.
Please don't conflate warnings and kinks; treat each individually, and use your pairings to indicate gen/het/slash/multi/&c. Do not warn for het, slash, or otherwise.

Characters & Pairings: Mentions of Harry Dresden/John Marcone, but entirely nonsexual gen in this fic. Harry Dresden, John Marcone, Ebenezar McCoy, Thomas Raith, Justine, Listens to Wind, Mister, Mouse.
Kinks: kidfic, second childhood, age regression, family bonding, fish out of water, situational:age change, involuntary transformation
Content notes: no mandatory notes. Mentions of a previous sexual relationship between two adults, one of whom is now a child, but absolutely no sexual contact or content while said character is a kid. Veg*n trigger warning for death of an animal.


For images: Please post image prompts and fills and all other images with alt tag descriptions or with a text description of the piece. Example: [img src="neked.jpg" alt="Here's John being all hot and half naked saying Dresden et cetera et cetera"], replace [ ] with < >. If you are linking to an external image, please include a description with the link.

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Rex, Regina 3/?

(Anonymous) 2012-02-06 02:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Characters: Sue, various fae creatures, Harry, ID!Harry. Warnings: None. Pairings/Kinks: None.

Bull Tyrant in a China Ice Shop

"Run away! Flee for your lives!"

The Artics was on fire, and it was totally Sue's fault. You own that destruction girl, own it! Other-other self howled in her mind. Sue snorted flames and roasted a yeti that was too large to dodge successfully. The smaller, in comparison to Sue, creature screamed like a wounded rabbit and rolled along the damp floor in a futile attempt to put out the flames. Sue whirled around and knocked down a slushie that attempted to sneak behind her with her powerful tail.

"Great Mother, the Beast calls Hellfire! RETREAT!!!"

"Make for the Spring! Defend the Heart!"

Sue shook herself, a laughing forzare echoing around her skull, and a wave of energy blasted from her body to cast the preys attempting to surround her to the walls. The Arctis shook around them from the force of it, bits of ceiling falling to shatter on the ground, and Sue danced her victory. The floor cracked, and walls splintered as they dripped blue-white ichor. Her other selves were giggling, one in disbelief and the other in joy. She snapped up one of the smaller downed preys, with its back broken and eyes rolling, and crunched the rough pebbled flesh between her burning jaws. Gleefully, the protective fire devoured the faerie to aid in fueling itself.

If Sue was still in possession of a vocal tract, she would have joined her other-selves in their laughter. As it was, the flames that currently made up her muscular structure burned brighter as the shiny and not-so-shiny preys threw down their weapons, hopped over the newly formed chasms, and fled through a door. Sue chased after them, slip-sliding along the wet ground, and snapped at their backsides. A great pair of doors were slammed shut, and Sue could feel a tingle as other-self muttered something about chicken-shit scum and wards.

Sue glared at the door. The slushies had attacked her -Her!- and when she proved her obvious superiority they ran screaming like... like... something that runs screaming. (Dinosaurs aren't big on literary devices.) She shoulder slammed the door, letting the fire that wreathed her bones eat at the magic that was almost, but not quite, as old as she was. Sue struck the wood again, and again, and it creaked under her power. Backing up, Sue flexed her toes and gouged out deep gashes in the floor for purchase.

The whole of the Arctis shivered and groaned, like the mortal, dying animal it was. Sue ran at the door her prey had fled through, hit the barrier, and burst through to the other side. Ice shattered as her momentum caused her to trip on the sudden and too-small stairway, causing the great lizard queen to pause in a daze as the ground quaked.

"Ha! The Beast has injured itself! The Lady and Queen are already on their way, soon, creature you shall feel the Full Wrath of Winter!" An invisible caller shouted from were it was hidden atop the stairs. Sue blinked and struggled to her feet, attempting to regain her equilibrium. She glared as conjured weapons and insults rained down on her position, but the staircase was too narrow for vengeance. Raging, and feeling the sting of fresh ice and snow on the edges of her awareness, Sue opened her jaws wide as if trying to swallow the world.


She belched a firestorm, her burning armor leaching off to feed the attack that swept up the stairs to the surprised, and brief, cries of her prey. Something, another predator let out a wrath filled scream in the distance, Mab. Gotta be, Other-self shivered. As the Arctis collapsed around her, finally defeated. The earth shifted, but Sue was tired and the storming of the magicked door combined with her final attack had taken much out of her. Though she loathed to admit it she didn't know if she could take all the preys that were coming. Not the preys and the predators that lead them.

Other-selves were worried.

She remembered sleeping for a long time, in the warm earth before the stony wood. It was too cold here. Cold and wet. She didn't like it, and her enemy was defeated. She wanted to leave.

Other-self was tired too, and with a soft murmur of geodas they were falling. Sue felt her eyes reform first, watched as flesh slowly knit back onto her bones, pulled from the very air she passed through, and with soft snort closed her eyes and decided to take a nap.

Nighty-Night, little queen. Other-self whispered fondly.

Re: Rex, Regina 3/?

(Anonymous) 2012-02-12 12:33 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, oh, going to sleep infront of the enemy? Or burrowing down away? Fading away?

Good Sue, you put up a good fight.

Re: Rex, Regina 3/?

(Anonymous) 2012-07-12 12:21 pm (UTC)(link)
I adore this story so, so much! ♥