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Round Five by five, baby!

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Kinks: kidfic, second childhood, age regression, family bonding, fish out of water, situational:age change, involuntary transformation
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The Alchemist's Dream Of Violet Flame 1b/1

(Anonymous) 2012-01-24 01:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Around two o'clock Harry sauntered up to one of John's boardrooms and knocked before strolling inside. The unfortunate people at the table seemed relieved by his appearance – most of them looked ready to bolt when he opened the door. He could see why, too. Silent as the grave, John's expression was in total lockdown, and his eyes bored into whoever he looked at with an intensity that could easily be mistaken for glaring. His whole body was taut and deathly still, except for a faint twitching in his jaw. The white-knuckled grip he had on the arms of his chair looked like it might evoke a groan or two, steel or no steel. Harry and Hendricks were probably the only people in the room who knew John well enough to correctly interpret that body language as being a hair away from shattering. To everyone else he looked furious. So when Harry cheerfully announced, “I'm here to rescue you! Go on, shoo. Your hotel rooms are all set up,” there wasn't one of them in speaking distance by the time he'd started the third sentence.

Hendricks leveled a speaking look in his direction as he left, locking the door behind him. Harry ignored it.

As soon as the door clicked shut John was off the chair, shaking on his hands and knees with his face buried in the carpet.

“Pliss. Sorry. Pliss f'give. Pliss,” he slurred, crawling to kneel shivering at Harry's feet.

“Pliss,” he sobbed, rubbing his cheek against worn boots like a cat, hiding his eyes in a nearby ankle. Harry knelt and lifted his lover's chin. Tears puddled and dripped in anguished lines down reddening cheeks. John hiccuped unhappily and Harry cursed silently. Two hours early and he'd still left it too long. He hadn't realized the little vibrator would have such a marked effect.

“I'm not going to get any sense out of you until that thing's out, am I?” he asked rhetorically, knowing the man before him was too far gone to answer intelligibly. “Alright then, take your pants off. Underwear too. And socks and shoes, babe, come on now. I want you bare from the waist down.”

John scrambled to obey, nearly ripping the items in his haste, looking to Harry for instruction when he was done. Harry knew he should just tell John to take it out, but he'd been half-hard before he even walked in the building, and seeing cool, suave Johnny Marcone groveling in such a state had, ah, solidified matters considerably. Besides, he still hadn't so much as caught a glimpse of his present.

“Fold them up – neatly – in front of you and plant your hands on the table there, legs spread so I can see the nice little giftie I sent you this morning. I've been looking forward to getting a good view.”

John moaned into the cool wood, ass stuck out like a stripper's, legs trembling in time with the buzzing lavender wand protruding from his hole. At irregular intervals the hum from the vibrations escalated or diminished or stopped altogether, only to start again without warning. Harry watched, fascinated, as John jerked and twitched and occasionally almost relaxed to the arrhythmic harmonics of a toddler's whimsy.

“Reach back with your right hand a play with it a bit,” he ordered hoarsely. “Be delicate; I don't want you interrupting my line-of-sight. Yeah, just like that, with two fingers. Pull it out a little and push it back in. Yesss, that's the way. More. Take it to the widest point, John, then twist it and jiggle it in circles.”

John's increasingly desperate cries had reached a fever pitch by the time Harry had his jeans down. If he didn't do something soon his lover would spill without permission simply because Harry had pushed him past his limits. It was an appealing idea for another time, but the man was already being punished for something else; better not to mix him up by complicating the matter while he was in this state of mind.

“Stop,” Harry commanded. John keened wordlessly, wavering so close, so close … “Take it out the rest of the way and toss it on the floor by the big window in the corner. Take a couple of deep breaths, get yourself under control. Are you calmer?”

“Y's,” came the strained reply, so soft Harry almost missed it. The body hunched over the table shook violently, trying and failing to relax its muscles, pull back from the edge.

“Take a minute. Cool off. Do you need me to hold you?” A bowed head shook no, but since the electronic device was in a corner as far away as possible Harry approached anyway, smoothing his overlarge hand between quivering shoulder blades, stroking sweat-soaked, silvering hair back into place. He looked down and guffawed.

“Can't blame this one on me, babe, you ruined those all on your own.” John glared halfheartedly at the unbroken line of fluid oozing from his cock's head to the very expensive pants folded below it.

“Placement,” he grumbled without much bite. Harry shook his head, grinning madly.

“All I told you to do was put them in front of you. You're the one who opted for right below your feet instead of on the table. Messybritches,” he added playfully, gauging how much tension had leached from the muscles under his hand.

“Think you can talk now?” he asked carefully, relieved when damp curls bobbed in an indisputable nod. Gingerly he gathered the shuddering man closer, tucking him under his chin and wrapping him in his arms.

“Do you understand why you're in trouble yet? Don't,” he added sharply, “guess if you aren't sure, Johnny, you won't like the consequences.” John's teeth clicked shut and he hesitated before simply shaking his head.

Harry sighed. “I kind of figured,” he admitted. “Neither of us is much good at working that sort of thing out on our own.” He buried his nose in mussed hair and inhaled appreciatively, taking in the scents of sweat and arousal and whatever designer-label shampoo it was that John used. How did he explain this?

“John,” he said quietly, “do you care about me more than the lives of your people?” John stiffened and tried to jerk away – Harry tightened his grip until he stopped struggling.

“That's not fair. You can't ask that of me. I have responsibilities, Dresden!”

“You're right; I can't,” Harry said, hiding his flinch at the use of his last name. “And I don't. When you get a call that someone needs medical care or a rescue, it doesn't matter what we're doing; it stops while you take care of the problem, and if it doesn't get sorted fast enough to continue, it doesn't really matter, even if it's been months since our schedules coincided. Lives are more important than a few games in the bedroom.” He took a fortifying breath and looked down into impossibly green eyes.

“John,” he managed not to stutter, “do you care about me more than your money?”

John gaped. Harry forced himself to continue, overriding the voice in his head shrieking you don't want to know this, you don't ever want to hear this answer, don't give him the chance to say no, it could break you all over again.

“Because it wasn't me you chose last night. And I'm not coming in second to a bunch of colored paper. So if it's money that matters to you, you'd better tell me right now, because so help me Johnny – ” he was cut off by a pair of warm, salty lips.

“You are not second to paper. I apologize if I gave that impression. I was eager to land this deal because it would be a major coup, financially – would have been, I suppose – and I am a businessman above all else – except 'yours'. I let my enthusiasm run away with me. Please forgive me.”

Harry swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat somehow and blinked away the sting blurring his vision. He really needed to get Butters to check him for allergies if he was going to hang around in John's boardrooms; clearly he was having a reaction to all the … wood. Yes.

“Okay,” he said, “forgiven.” He squeezed a little tighter for a second, just because he could, then spun John around and bent him over the table again.

“Now,” he declared, “I seem to recall vowing to nail you to the nearest flat surface. This one seems pretty near. Do you have any particular druthers between this or the walls? Ooh, or the windows. I'd love to see you spend yourself against a sixteenth story floor-to-ceiling window. Speak up, don't be shy. I promise to listen carefully to your preferences before I disregard them completely.”

John staggered under the assault.

“Wha- you – you walking penis! Is that all you ever think about?”

“Screwing you stupid against high windows? Well, it takes up a fair portion of my attention, but every now and then I come up with a real gem,” Harry smiled wolfishly and slipped a couple of probing fingers into no-man's land, relishing the strangled squeal they elicited, “like tortuously sensitizing your hole for the better part of five hours before I arrive to fuck your brains out.”

It didn't take long to push John straight to the brink again, and he kept him hovering there for a good half-hour before he deigned to plow him right into the table. And the window. And the wall. And the door, for good measure. Plus, with careful aim and dedicated precision-timing, he managed to ensure that John soiled his fancy trousers beyond any remotely salvageable state.

“I wouldn't worry too much about losing the big deal,” he murmured later into the not-quite-comatose ear caught between his lips. “You would have been cheated at best. Toot-toot overheard the Chairman arguing with the Treasurer. Apparently the CEO's trying to get rid of her, and plans to block the sale however he can to make sure she loses enough support that he can muscle her out of her seat and give it to some crony of his. I was planning to tell you after dinner last night.” To his delight, John barely paid attention to the revelation, instead narrowing his remaining concentration on Harry's nipples.

He'd bring it up again tomorrow, just so John wouldn't fret. For now, though, he basked in the certainty that he was the most important thing on John's mind.