Someone wrote in [community profile] dresden_kink 2012-01-13 12:17 am (UTC)

Ace Attorney

So has anyone else played the ace attorney games for the Nintendo DS? I hope so 'cause I had a crazy idea when I was playing it earlier.

Harry Dresden's been taken to court (for whatever reason) and the only lawyer he could find to defend him was this slightly crazy spiky haired guy called Phoenix Wright.


Alternately - Harry Dresden, young new lawyer just about to do his first trial. The prosecuting attorney? The legendary John Marcone, who's never lost a case and doesn't intend to now.

C'mon, don't tell you you don't want to see Harry in court, yelling objections like so:
(Link leads to flash image of pointy haired dude in a blue suit pointing his finger and objecting to the idea that Harry Dresden doesn't get a lot of sex.)
And Marcone arguing with him thusly:
(Link leads to flash image of a guy in red suit and white cravat pointing his finger and objecting to the objection that Dresden doesn't get a lot of sex.)

Both flash images use sound - they shout "objection!" and have word typing sounds. Just thought I should mention that.

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