Someone wrote in [community profile] dresden_kink 2012-01-11 02:46 pm (UTC)

Alwaysagirl!Harriet/Marcone, now with Added Raith Family Soap Opera

Alwaysagirl!Harry was found and taken in by the the Raiths after Malcolm's death. It's an interesting question whether Lord Raith would have tried to kill boy!Harry or found a wizard step-son sufficiently useful to be permitted to live.

I think we all know how he would have dealt with a wizard step-daughter.

Lara, who is not yet fully able to break free of Daddy Dearest's mind control, can sneak around enough to get Harriet out. (Perhaps she can make contact with Lea?) Lara seriously does not want to send Harriet to the White Council (both for reasons of not strengthening their ranks and the kind of treatment a known relative of vampires would get), so she (and probably Lea) come to an arrangement with a certain mob boss who is establishing power in the supernatural world. Lara and Lea pretty much sell Harriet to John Marcone.

Creepiness about Harriet having thought she had a nice happy childhood with a wonderful stepfather after her dad died, only to find out what he was preparing for her, that he raped and/or murdered his older kids, and that he killed her mother as she was born. The comparisons between Lord Raith and Marcone- who treats her enormously better than her stepfather would have but will never willingly let her go.

Long-term tension about doing something about Lord Raith before Inari grows up to be the next incest victim and Thomas' Obfuscating Stupidity ceases to be enough to preserve his life.

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