Someone wrote in [community profile] dresden_kink 2012-01-11 12:29 pm (UTC)

Strategic Seduction

So y'all remember that little scene at the end of White Night when Harry walks in on Helen sitting on John's lap? Both with clothes a bit mussed? And Harry was having these regretful thoughts about not having better timing, so as to interrupt something pornier and snark about it.

In the following conversation, John makes it clear he knows Lara is puppeting Papa Raith and Harry is in on it. Is it not reasonable to assume that his powers of observation also extend to noticing Harry's reaction to the tableau he walked in on? And, of course, John and Harry did seem to spend a bit of the previous night's battle sharing their great enjoyment of the sight of Thomas and Lara. Pattern matching would seem to indicate that Harry is far more comfortable and relaxed around John in sexualized situations that involve at least one other person.

I want to see just what John might do with this knowledge.

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