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Prompt: Supernatural Crossover, Crowley takes an interest in young!Harry and hands around him all his life.

Crowely is a demon from the show Supernatural. Before he becomes King of Hell, his speciality was to trick people into selling him their souls in exchange of granting their wishes. He is particularly interested in strong souls of strong, gifted people.

So I was thinking that maybe he could have noticed Harry since he was young at Justin's. Crowley is convinced that this little wizard will fall one day - he may be strong, he will take one, two, a hundred hard blows, but in the end, something unbearable will happen and Harry will sell him his soul.
So he hangs around with Harry all his life. He appears randomly, has dinner or goes monster-hunting with him(kills three birds with one stone : he streachs his legs outside hell, Harry is fun to be around, and he ends up liking the demon so it will be easier to tempt him).
From Harry's POV, Crowley has been around him for so long (since he is a kid, really, before Lea, or Eb, or the white council) that he becomes a comfy constant in his life and someone who helps him sometimes when the demon is bored.
What I would like to see is the horrified reactions of Harry's friends when during a crisis/apocalypse, Crowley appears to ask for help/offers his help, they realize Harry is all cosy and makes private jokes with the demon - because they realize Harry is a much darker person than they thought.

Fill: Devil On My Shoulder

Characters: Harry, Justin, Crowley, Growley, Elaine, Crossroads Demon.
Pairings/Kinks: None. Warnings: Child Neglect (in a general sense).

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