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Who's in your dream cast?

Community Casting

How it works:

1. Reply to the character's comment with your ideal casting choice. (If there's no comment yet, go ahead and make one.)

2. Or ideal choices, but please keep it to one choice a reply.

3. Include contextual information if you'd like, include a description of the character if you'd like to remind everyone. The more you can share the better; but if you want your choice to speak for itself, that's fine too.

4. No holds barred: your choice doesn't have to be an actor, doesn't have to be the right age right now, doesn't have to be living. Go chromatic if you'd like, play with gender if you'd like, if you want to cast a character at a different age, go for it.

5. You must include an alt attribute and/or a description following your images/links. Want some help? Read here. eta: If you forget, you'll get one reminder and a chance to repost. After a couple days, any

6. Keep your image sizes reasonable, please. That's to your own discretion, of course, but remember that people are viewing this on all sizes of devices. You don't want to make them scroll. If a mod feels your image size is excessive, we'll let you know and give you a chance to repost. No more than 10 images a comment.

7. Casting is srs business. Be respectful when you comment on someone's choice, even if you don't agree; and, be respectful if someone doesn't agree with you.

8. All other community rules are in effect.

Everyone with a comment so far as I add them! (hopefully alphabetically, by last name, or single name or title if that's all we know)



Anna Ash


Amanda Beckitt

Heather Delaney: here

Dakota Fanning: here

Helen Beckitt

Olivia Williams: here

The Blue Beetle

Jason Statham: here

Bob the skull

Tim Curry: here

Keith David: here

John Simm: here

Billy Borden

Bryce Black: here

Matt Damon: here

Georgia McAlister Borden

Richard Boughton

Waldo Butters

Ron Carmichael

Alicia Carpenter

Amanda Carpenter

Charity Carpenter

Daniel Carpenter

Harry Carpenter

Hope Carpenter

Matthew Carpenter

Michael Carpenter

George Clooney: here

Paul Gross: here

Molly Carpenter

Brit Morgan: here

Gregori Cristos



Li Bingbing: here

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden

Paul Blackthorne: here

Lena Headley: here

Aldis Hodge: here

Lee Pace: here

Ian Somerhalder: here

Andres Velencoso: here

Irish wolfhound: here

Malcolm Dresden

Margaret Gwendolyn LaFey McCoy Dresden

Jennifer Beals: here

Tilda Swinton: here

Justin DuMorne

Jason Isaacs: here

Gary Oldman: here



Father Forthill

Sigrun Gard

Tricia Helfer: here

Anne Wis: here

Vince Graver




Jared Kincaid


Aleron LaFortier

Arthur Langtry

Polonius Lartessa


The Leanansidhe

Martha Liberty


Mortimer Lindquist

Listens to Wind

Anastasia Luccio



Harley MacFinn


Ancient Mai

Elaine Mallory

Rosie Marcella

John Marcone





Ebenezar McCoy

Margaret Angelica Mendoza


Donald Morgan

Mother Summer

Mother Winter


Collin J. "Jack" Murphy

Karrin Murphy

Lisa Murphy

Marion Murphy




Samuel Peabody

Simon Petrovich


Elisa Raith

Inari Raith

Lara Raith

Lord Raith

Madrigal Raith

Natalia Raith

Thomas Raith

Carlos Ramirez

Rashid, The Gatekeeper

Henry Rawlins

Ronald Reuel

Susan Rodriguez

Lieutenant Rudolph




Lloyd Slate

Spike the bodyguard

John Stallings

Sir Stuart



Donar Vadderung

Tera West

Be aware of potential Ghost Story characters in the comments.

Anons using alt attributes: be aware that you will lose these and your image will be replaced with a placeholder icon. Please use a description instead!
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Aldis Hodge | Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden

[personal profile] binz 2011-10-24 05:16 am (UTC)(link)
Chromatic casting: Aldis Hodge.

He's tall, skinny, able to pull off sarcastic as hell, and also absolutely adorkable.

IMAGE: Tumblr compilation of three images across the top and three from the bottom, predominately face-focused. Top: 1: downward angle on his upward directed face, above lit. 2: Black and white and sepia full body shot, sitting cross legged, large hands prominent, big smile. 3: Face shot, head on, mouth open wide and nose wrinkled, screaming. Bottom: 4: Side view, midarm up, black and white and sepia, peering into distance, slight frown around eyes, chin just resting on the fingers of one hand, thinker-y. 5: Standing, image from bottom rib-line up, one arm crossed at camera line, one angled up towards face, hand curled. Head angled down, eyes looking up at camera. 6: Black and white close up, lots of forehead, peaceful expression.

IMAGE: screenshot from an episode of Leverage, mostly a sideways view, sitting facing the end of a hospital bed, right hand handcuffed to it, gesturing with left hand, looking up at someone/something with a faintly annoyed expression.
jadelennox: leverage: Eliot, Hardison, Parker running from an explosion (leverage: running)

Re: Aldis Hodge | Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden

[personal profile] jadelennox 2011-10-24 06:25 am (UTC)(link)

Re: Aldis Hodge | Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden

[personal profile] not_a_tardis 2011-10-24 03:57 pm (UTC)(link)
He would make an amazing Harry! He's charming in a geeky way and can definitely pull off the right combination of badass and adorable.

Re: Aldis Hodge | Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden

(Anonymous) 2014-03-27 05:34 am (UTC)(link)
I am so late to the party, but THIS IS PERFECT.
And speaking of Leverage, Christian Kane would make a good Kincaid.

Also, now I have this whole racebend casting of Dresden Files in my head, starting with Chiwetel Ejiofor as Marcone...