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Lucy ([personal profile] luciazephyr) wrote in [community profile] dresden_kink 2011-10-24 02:45 am (UTC)

Lee Pace

Oh, is it time for me to shove pics of Lee Pace into people's faces again? OH BOY OH BOY. (I'm gonna add image descriptions after each pic and make my argument for him there.)

IMAGE: Lee Pace of Pushing Daisies fame in profile. He has short brunet hair, slightly mussed, a predominant nose, a face that is not thin, but looks somewhat gaunt without being unhealthy (if that makes sense). His eyes are hooded and his chin is peppered liberally with stubble.

IMAGE: Harry Dresden. Or maybe it's Lee Pace in a jacket, shadowy and intense.

IMAGE: Lee Pace laying across a sofa in a lazy sprawl, one knee bent. The picture shows off how long and lean he looks, a similar physique to how Harry is described in the books.

And finally:

IMAGE: Two images stacked of Pace in Pushing Daisies. Of interest is the bottom one, where a sweet, warm smile brightens up his face.

And not only is he physically, like, my dream image of Harry, but I think he could pull it off so fabulously. If you have Netflix, you had better take a few hours to crash through the some episodes of Pushing Daisies, wherein Pace plays Ned, the Piemaker. He pulls off dry humor, a realistic joyful sweetness, and the requisite angst of being a man with a terribly powerful, mysterious ability. I love love love love Pace for Harry and will trumphet his perfectness to my dying day.


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