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Devil on My Shoulder 2/?

(Anonymous) 2012-01-22 11:56 pm (UTC)(link)
"Birthday Blues"

Characters: Harry, Crowley. Mentions of Elaine and Justin.
Pairings/Kinks: None. Warnings: None.

"So. What's a young, healthy, nubile troublemaker like you doing inside on such a fine night as this?" Uncle Crowley asked in his familiar British drawl, the ice in his seemingly ever-present glass clinking as he swirled the contents. He was a demon, had been for as long as I knew him, and logically I should be upset about the way he melted out of thin air past layers of wards that made Justin's house the supernatural equivalent of Fort Knox. I couldn't stop the tiny grin that pulled at my cheeks. Sure, he was a demon, but he was Crowley. Uncle Crowley. I tore my attention away from my assigned homework and glanced up. He was smiling at me like we were sharing a joke. That same lazy smile would turn into something spiteful when focused on Justin, mocking, but with me it was inclusive.

"Hey, Uncle Crowley." I closed my notebook and stuffed it under the pillow.

The demon, as Elaine was so fond of pointing out in a hushed tone, dropped onto my bed and ruffled my hair. I batted away the offending hand -I was thirteen now, dammit, not a little kid- and wrinkled my nose. Uncle Crowley was going to get sulfur all over my blankets. Worse than dew-drops shedding pixie-dust, I swear. "Didn't answer the question, kid."

I rolled onto my back and stretched, which was not an easy feat when my twin bed was mostly occupied and I was going through a growth spurt. I tried to pull off disinterest. Apathy. Cool. I didn't want to go out with all the other kids. I didn't want to dress up. Really. Maybe if I said it enough times it would be true. I rolled my eyes and tucked my arms beneath my head. "It's a stupid pagan tradition that has been raped and pillaged by the white capitalist culture to force ignorant masses to spend ungodly amounts on sugar and sweets. No self-respecting wizard would dignify the night with his presence."

Crowley arched an eyebrow at me, smile deepening. "There's no way you came up with that on your own."

"Well, no. But it's true."

"Right. Well." He flicked his wrists and adjusted his cuffs - I don't know where his drinking glass went, but that was the mark of every great magician. "Your Master's got the right of it, certainly, Halloween itself is a crock of shit, but that's not what I meant. It is your birthday, isn't it? The time for friends and, uh, maybe not family in your case, to get together and celebrate the fact you haven't kicked it yet, yeah?"

Crowley made vague gestures as he spoke. I hadn't even realized he even knew when my birthday was, and I felt my cheeks heat. My dad had always managed to set aside time for me -even if the Halloween season was one of his heaviest- but Justin didn't. I think he knew about my birthday in the abstract sense, like how you know the sky is blue and water is wet, but in the few years I'd spent with him he never said happy birthday. As far as I knew he treated Elaine the same way.

I shrugged, turning away to hide my burning cheeks, and stared at the wall. "Elaine made cupcakes."

"Ah-ah. Cupcakes. Is that what they call it these days?"

"It doesn't mean anything!"

"If you say so." Uncle Crowley laughed to himself stared thoughtfully into the distance. He hummed a little, and I glared at him, drawing strength from the Darth Vader action figure he'd given me last Christmas (except it wasn't really so much of a Christmas present as a 'I had this lying around and thought you might appreciate it' present).

"It was just cupcakes. Why are you here, Uncle Crowley? Justin isn't." The demon almost always stopped by to 'exchange information' with the older wizard. But then, he almost always stopped to chat with me, too. It was weird, but nice. Still weird, though. Crowley placed a hand to his chest in feigned hurt.

"What? I can't stop by to check up on my favorite investment?"

I whipped my head back around to stare at him. "Investment?"

Crowley just hummed, ignoring my question. He abruptly stood and walked around the room, inspecting everything from my bookshelf that didn't hold books to the trunk and stored books. He stopped by the window and shook out his wrist allowing a watch to fall forward. After checking the time -late- he grinned and clapped his hands together. "Well then, kiddo. Grab your coat. Or-" he paused and snapped his fingers at my closet. It opened on a ripple of power and a smell like woodsmoke. My jacket jumped into his waiting hands, so cool, and he dusted it off negligently. "We've got houses to egg and bribes to take."

I shrugged on my coat, helpless to do anything but follow along in my uncle's wake, hopping into my shoes as Crowley meandered to the front door. I glanced down the hall to Elaine's room, but she didn't like Crowley. "Bribes? I don't-"

"Harry, Harry, Harry," Thrice spoken, and bound. "What do you think 'trick or treat' means? Give me candy or I give you grey hairs." There was no car waiting outside, but Harry hadn't expected one. They headed for the gate, out past the perimeter of the wards.

"You said it was a crock of shit."

Crowley laid a warm hand on my shoulder. "Ah, but that doesn't mean it can't be a fun crock. Besides, you're a wizard, I'm sure you know plenty of interesting little tricks we can try out." The scent of burning filled my nose, and pleasant warmth rushed over my skin. One second, we were on the outskirts of the DuMorne estate. The next I could see a wealthy suburban neighborhood filled with pint-sized ghosts and goblins.

We headed out, two dark specters, into the night.

Re: Devil on My Shoulder 2/?

(Anonymous) 2012-02-29 08:12 am (UTC)(link)
This iss awesome on so many levels!