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[personal profile] eiyria 2012-01-08 11:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Warnings: None.
Kinks: None.
Pairings: None.
Rating: PG
Info: AU, Young!Harry, FILL, No beta.
Charactes: Harry Dresden, John Marcone, Karrin Murphy, Hendricks, Michael +Carpenters.

The next time I met Harry Dresden, the meeting was completely unplanned and unexpected. I was at a baseball game with my lead lawyer. He happened to be a big fan, and I happened to have a case against me that needed urgent discussing. He was lucky he had such a high win rate, or I wouldn't have tolerated such a course of action. Hendricks wasn't with me, which was slightly bothersome. I caught myself eyeing the crowd constantly, wary of danger my enforcer would usually spot.

He'd fished out the paperwork for my current lawsuit, and I was getting up to leave, when I spotted Dresden. He was with a large family, eagerly cheering on the home team. His hair stuck out from beneath a baseball cap, he had a ketchup soaked hotdog in one hand, and what looked like a cup of oversized Coca-cola in the other.

I heard the chink of a bat hitting a ball, followed by a roar erupting from the crowd. Dresden leapt out of his seat, let out a loud victorious yowl, and in the process of throwing his hands in the air, accidentally slopped Coke out of his cup and onto the strong family man beside him.

Dresden noticed and froze. He looked up at the man. I squinted my eyes and looked more closely. His face looked afraid, and it looked like he was apologizing repeatedly. My spine tingled. I didn't think the rest of the family had caught on. By the look of Dresden's face, I half expected the man to hit him. The look on his face was not reminiscent of children from happy suburbia homes. Instead the man's posture sank a little and pulled down Dresden's cap to cover his face. It was an oddly playful gesture. The man's back was towards me, so I couldn't see his face, but I was pretty sure the man said something. Dresden nodded, and the man wrapped an arm around his shoulder, and pulled the teen in to lean against him.

Before I had time to wonder about who the man was, time seemed to freeze. The cries in the stadium slowed down to nothing. People froze in their seats. I saw the baseball players stop in mid run, feet still in the air.

I sensed an attack, and I managed to draw my knife and get a swipe in at my attacker. Time seemed to jolt back to real time, before it slowed again. I didn't get a good look at my attacker. He -it- whichever, moved too fast. My two-and-a-half inches of bladed weapon was twisted out of my grip and sent spinning down the cement stairs. I lost sight of it under a bleacher chair. I immediately regretted complying with Chicago law. A switchblade or a longer SEAL would almost certainly land me in jail, which seemed a lovely idea compared to what my supernatural attacker seemed to have in mind.

By some luck I managed to knock my attacker off of me. I jumped up and jogged quickly up the stairs. I could hear it groan and then lurch up the stairs after me. I had no doubt it would catch up. As I ran down the hall, dodging frozen people and knocking others away, I reached in my pocket for my blackberry. I dialed Hendricks' number and held it to my ear as I ran. I could hear my attacker getting closer. He yelled after me. I had no intention of turning around or slowing down. The phone wasn't even ringing and I drew it away from my ear to look at it. It was dead. It didn't turn on, and I wasn't going to wait for it too.

It had only been a few seconds, but my opponent was already on me. I felt his fingers graze the tips of my scalp. He didn't have a grip, by a mere fraction. He must have reached farther than expected and lost his balance, because I heard a fumble of feet.

I took the opportunity and ran towards the gift shop. I would have to fight. That second was all I needed. I slammed a hand onto the counter and hurdled myself over the checkout desk. I made a fist and punched through a glass display case. Sharp edges raked my skin and drew blood. I ignored the twinges of pain and grabbed my prize.

I turned to face my attacker. He was right in front of me. His dark eyes intent, and he had a gun pulled halfway out of his jacket holster. A supernatural monster-man who used a gun?

I didn't hesitate. My grip tightened on the heavy aluminum bat in the display case. And I swung. I swung the bat, and with it the glass casing against my attacker's head. The glass shattered across his face before the bat even touched him. Chips of glass raked his cheek and one piece nipped the white of his right eye. The bat followed through, driving the glass shards deeper into his skin, before the mass of the bat itself struck across his right ear and cheek bone. The heavy metal made his face cave in around the cylinder shaped weapon. I heard the crack of hard bone and saw dusted glass fall from his hair. It all seemed to happen in slow motion. In his pain and surprise, my attacker discharge his weapon. The weapon that was pointed at himself.

Then my world seemed to speed up and I watched him in real motion crumple to the ground. His left side smashed into the ground, with the combined force of gravity and my strike. There was a snap, and when I glanced down at his corpse, the neck seemed to be angling the head impossibly. Red was soaking his shirt, and pooling around his body.

I looked up, checking both directions, panting. I leapt out of the gift shop, still clutching my baseball bat.

I looked around. People in line for greasy food were still frozen unmoving. Whoever had done this was not dead yet.


I felt something sweep my feet from out under me, and fling me against the nearest wall. I kept hold of the aluminum bat. If I lost it, everything was over.

I raised my head to glance at the magical mastermind. He was about seven feet away with his left arm extended and fingers spread. His pose looked like something out of comic books, his attire on the other hand, did not. He was slightly taller than average height and wore a large black hoodie that sank to mid-thigh. His pants were old and worn black jeans that had turned grey with age. His hair was greasy and greying blond. His cheekbones were sharp, and his face long and angular. He looked like someone's deadbeat druggie dad.

"My employer is worried about a young upstart like yourself taking control of a crossroads city. And worse, learning of our world. He's sent me here to eliminate you." The man stalked closer. His hand extended, as if keeping me in place.

He was overly pompous and proud. Attributes these magical-folks all seemed to have in common. I figured keeping him talking would be my best bet at surviving this. "Are you sure you don't want to work for me?"

The man threw back his head and laughed. The noise reverberated around the spacious hallway. I tried to move, but found an invisible force was holding me down. How distressing. When the man stopped laughing I asked him something else. "Are you going to 'magic' me to death?"

The man stopped and smiled. "Oh no," he chuckled. "No, that would make the White Council on my backs. Do you have any idea what they did to that teenager you were so intently watching in the bleachers? It would make your skin curl. I'm not going to live like that -constantly looking over my shoulder for bloodthirsty cops. No," he drew a gun from somewhere on his person. "No, I'm not going to kill you with magic. This little gun should do the trick nicely."

I tried to move again, to no avail. He pointed it at my head and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened.

"You've been fucking with time, you dipshit. They'll be after you anyways. I called them. They're on their way here, right now." I looked away from the man, and saw Dresden holding a mutilated hotdog in his outstretched hand. "You might as well throw the gun away. I melted the hammer when you were laughing like a psycho. I'm surprised you didn't notice. I'm not that great with control."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the gun hit the ground.

"Hey kid-o. You don't have to do this. I can take you on as an apprentice. Teach you things. If you let me go, I'll make sure the Council never finds you. My employer can make it so that you can be free." The man relaxed and beckoned towards Dresden. "I don't want to hurt you kid-o. I just am doing my job. You can come with me if you want."

"Mrs. Murphy says I'm not allowed to talk to strangers."

"My name is Nikola," the man replied. "There. Now we know each other."

Dresden visibly brightened and smiled. The man, Nikola smiled back in reply. My back stiffened.

"You're so fucked," grinned Dresden. "That's hilarious. I'm not going to join an amateur like you. Ever. And now I know your name."

Nikola's smile dropped. "What?"

Dresden continued, sounding as pleased as a cat who'd cornered a mouse. "You may have a lot of talent. Especially when it comes to time control. But you've over exerted yourself. How many people are you freezing? More than a thousand, at least. And -what- you've held it maybe two and a half minutes. You must have a natural talent, because otherwise no one could have held a whole stadium this long. And it is taking a toll. I see you sweating quite a bit. Your posture is slouched. Are you even aware of your limits?"

Nikola was visibly panting now. "You little ungrateful shit. I don't care if they all see. I'm going to choke the life out of you, no magic required, with or without the crowd."

And just like that, time unfroze. There was a scream as someone noticed the corpse by the gift shop. The screams spread throughout the crowd.

Nikola spoke softly. "And I won't even have to deal with Marcone. He's got the murder weapon, with his blood and fingerprints all over." Nikola smiled.

Dresden smiled back, "And I was just waiting for you to say that." Dresden's smile stretched insanely as he held up his mutilated hotdog. He sucked in a deep breath. "Ooohhhh. Ni~ko~la-" He enunciated the man's name with mock concern. "You're a magic practitioner. You should know better than to leave blood lying around."

Nikola froze. "No. You couldn't have noticed."

"Justin taught me to be aware of my surroundings. Any decent enforcer would recognize a practitioner in close proximity." Dresden looked at the mutilated hotdog. "I guess you should know, that's not all ketchup."

And then it hit me. It didn't take a genius to figure it out. I didn't know anything about magic, except the fake witchcraft that was shown on tv. Even still, I understood. When I'd sliced my first attacker, time had temporarily been unfrozen. I must have nicked the practitioner in the process. I'd lost the knife. There hadn't been time to pollute the sample with more cuts. Dresden's comment about the ketchup. What was on the hotdog wasn't ketchup - it was blood.

"I've got a connection to you now. The best kind." Dresden hissed, "Voodoo. And it is still wet." Dresden started playing with the hotdog, and Nikola mimicked it's movements. He had no choice. Nikola picked up the baseball bat from my hand and turned toward the corpse.

He was yelling now. "No! Stop. It's not me! I didn't do this. Stop! Stopppp!" All the while, he was smashing the bat into the corpse's face. He sounded crazy, which I guess was the point.

I looked back at Dresden. The grotesque smile was back. And then there was a gleam in his eyes, a dark pulse of electricity, and he positioned his hand to tear off the top of the hotdog.

It sounded ridiculous, but I'd never been more terrified of a hotdog in my life.

Just as the insane boy was about to rip off the top of the hotdog, and thus consequently, the top of Nikola's head, a set of strong hands seized Dresden's hands and shook them. The hotdog felt to the ground. The connection severed.

It was the strong family man from the bleachers.

He grabbed Harry and hugged him tight. The teen growled and tried to fight. Eventually he limply gave up and started shaking violently in the family man's arms. "Michael, I didn't mean to," the voice sounded like a half sob. "I don't know what is wrong with me." He muttered a few more things softer, but I was out of earshot.

The man glanced at me. "Mr. Marcone, isn't it time you got going?"

I heard my name and seemed to snap out of whatever undignified trance I was in. First I walked by Dresden. "Thank you for possibly saving my life." There was a noncommittal grunt, which I took as a reply. Then, I walked back into the crowd. No one paid much attention to me. They were all looking at Nikola, whom they'd seen bash in a corpse's head. Not to many questions would be asked. I saw a few security personnel make their way towards the corpse.

As I left, I also noticed several figures headed in the same direction, wearing grey cloaks.

Re: FILL 4

(Anonymous) 2012-01-09 04:07 am (UTC)(link)
So, um, I was going to say I really didn't buy Marcone being there without a guard and following concealed carry laws so closely but then this happened:

It sounded ridiculous, but I'd never been more terrified of a hotdog in my life.

This sentence is fucking glorious. And totally re-suspended my disbelief.

I guess this Harry is starting in on the phallic foci at a young age?
eiyria: Black icon with artistic designs (Default)

Re: FILL 4

[personal profile] eiyria 2012-01-09 05:56 am (UTC)(link)
Meh. Hendricks isn't with him all the time. The man needs to sleep. And just because Hendricks wasn't there, didn't mean someone else wasn't. Time froze, even subtle body guards in the crowd have a hard time competing with that.

And the hotdog. Forgive me. I had to.
Watch out! Those things are a heart attack waiting to happen. Scary stuff.

Re: FILL 4

(Anonymous) 2012-01-11 09:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, oh, oh. I winced during this chapter. Marcone just got a hell of a lot more information on Harry than he expected. 'Any decent enforcer,' yup, yup. No wonder the kid's leery of you, Johnny.

Still, add my kudos to the deadly hotdog. Genius. I hope Micheal keeps Harry from getting bagged by the Wardens.