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Claimed, Repost With Fill

(Anonymous) 2011-12-26 07:48 pm (UTC)(link)
From Round 2:

Harry needs to mark John as his to keep competition away! I'm thinking slightly feral Harry under a spell/concussed or whatnot but anon can fiddle with circumstances. At the end I would like John to have a visible (magical?) indelible mark that announces Harry's ownership. Thanks muchly

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee

(Anonymous) 2011-12-26 07:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Pairings: Harry Dresden/John Marcone
Kinks: possession, marking, feral!Harry
Warnings: dub-con marking, dub-con sexiness


Johnny Marcone couldn't entirely suppress the vicious satisfaction when Harry Dresden was reported to have disappeared from Chicago. Good, thought a savagely vindictive part of him, let him flee in shame, let him hide away in guilt.

It didn't help his temper any that he also couldn't squash the unhappy longing the news inspired, the remorse that it was partly his own angry rejection that had driven the wizard off, or the humiliatingly, infuriatingly persistent fear that perhaps he'd left because John simply wasn't good enough for him to stay.

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 2/?

(Anonymous) 2011-12-26 07:55 pm (UTC)(link)
“It's almost funny,” Thomas Raith tossed out quietly, with an angry twist to his lips that belied any amusement. “You've been trying to bind him to you for years, and now you've actually succeeded, but you're the one wearing the collar. It's almost as if one of the trickster gods decided to grant you a wish. If I weren't so worried how Harry's going to take it when he comes back to himself, I'd be laughing myself sick.”

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 3/?

(Anonymous) 2011-12-26 08:02 pm (UTC)(link)
On a farm in Missouri, Ebeneezer frowned as he watched his erstwhile apprentice silently work himself to death. The young man hadn't said word one beyond asking if he could stay for a while, and had avoided meeting his teacher's eyes since he'd unexpectedly shown up at the door, looking broken and vulnerable in a way that put Ebeneezer uneasily in mind of the hurt, frightened boy he'd first brought here over a decade ago. Whatever had happened, it had clearly been bad, very bad, and Harry's inability to bring himself to speak of it only deepened Ebeneezer's misgivings. He'd give it a few more days, he decided. If Harry hadn't calmed down enough to tell him what was wrong by then, he'd start contacting the boy's Chicago allies. They'd have at least some clue what had happened – or if they didn't, he wasn't likely to find the information anywhere else short of Hell.

Better to exhaust other options first.

Re: Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 3/?

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Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 4/?

(Anonymous) 2011-12-27 02:23 am (UTC)(link)
“So he's literally branded 'Property of Harry Dresden' across my forehead?”

“Your whole aura, more like. It's not actually his fault, you know. These flowers, however they do it, roughly mimic the effects of the White Court – they're a little like a stronger, magical version of rohypnol-meets-Ecstasy, and they were
designed to target wizards. What's amazing is that he managed to fight the compulsion enough to ask first. Well, sort of.

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 5/?

(Anonymous) 2011-12-27 02:26 am (UTC)(link)
The members of the Outfit unfortunate enough to come into contact with John over the next weeks left shaking, grateful to be mostly intact and determined to avoid future brushes if at all possible. Those whose positions didn't allow the reprieve of avoiding the boss broke down into nervous wrecks, sweating and fidgeting, jumping at shadows that might become John-Marcone-shaped. Even Hendricks felt the brunt of John's ill humor more than once, before he snapped back that ignoring a problem didn't fix it, and neither did terrorizing one's subordinates, so perhaps John should look into Raith's advice to interview other beings that were bound to Dresden. Gard might be looking into safe ways to remove the marks, but until and unless John was freed he was still going to have to cope with the position he was in now. And that, Hendricks pointed out mercilessly, required information on what to expect.

John yielded with poor grace.

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 6/?

(Anonymous) 2011-12-27 02:28 am (UTC)(link)
The kiss came out of nowhere. One moment Dresden was muttering about the heat and the cloying, almost physical scent of the flowers, the next he'd stumbled over nothing, prompting John to catch him. The wizard stared at John as if he'd never seen him before, then grabbed him, dropped them both to the ground, and kissed him like his life was riding on whether or not he could turn John's head in five minutes or less.

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 7/?

(Anonymous) 2011-12-27 02:30 am (UTC)(link)
It was the last night Ebeneezer had allowed himself when Harry finally broke his silence over the dirty dishes.

“Sir,” he rasped, voice hoarse from disuse, “sir, I – ”

“Sit down, Hoss,” Ebeneezer snapped when Harry swayed, shoving him into the closest chair and leaving the dishes where they were for the moment. “You've been pushing yourself to exhaustion every night since you got here, and not sleeping on top of that if those rings under your eyes are any clue. Now, what the devil is it that's got you so worked up?”

Harry tried to curl into himself, face twisting like he wanted to cry. His fingers gripped the seat of the chair so hard it groaned in protest.

“I – sir, I – I think I might have broken one of the Laws.”

Ebeneezer's blood turned to ice-water in his veins. He dropped heavily into the other chair. “Tell me,” he croaked. “Tell me everything.”

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 8/?

(Anonymous) 2011-12-27 02:55 am (UTC)(link)
“My point is, he's a victim in this too.”

John's control over his temper, already strained, abruptly snapped.

“My heart bleeds. It must be so difficult for him, to be forced into a position of power over someone he despises. Certainly that must be as unpleasant as suddenly becoming another person's
property - and not just any person, but one who actively dislikes and vilifies him. The poor dear. Perhaps a fruit basket would help to console him? I'll have to order one on my way back to the office. I'm afraid the time spent here has significantly eaten into my schedule and I have a great deal of work to catch up on. Good day, Mr Raith.”

John finished adjusting his clothing and turned to leave, white-hot fury propelling him toward the car despite the relentless urge to turn around; run back to the drugged, sleeping wizard; fall to his knees and bury his face in the crook of the man's neck; drag him somewhere safe and warm and never leave his arms. Shaking with mingled rage and longing and an absurd feeling of betrayal, he left vampire and wizard in the dust behind him without looking back.

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 9/?

(Anonymous) 2011-12-27 03:13 am (UTC)(link)
“You go right ahead and call the Council. It won't get you anywhere. He hasn't broken any Laws,” Raith insisted, all icy hostility, any helpfulness or sympathy burned from him with Dresden's disappearance. Negotiations for a list of Dresden's bound subordinates had quickly deteriorated into argument and threats. John raised an eyebrow, determinedly showing no visible sign of the fury coursing through him.

“The last I'd heard, mind-magic was not – ” The vampire interrupted with a cold laugh.

“Is that what you thought happened? You started feeling things you didn't expect and thought he used mind-magic on you? Clearly you weren't listening when I explained what each of those marks meant. He claimed you – branded how he felt about you right into your core. His magic is wrapped around you like a ten foot neon sign, flashing 'mine, mine, mine!' brightly enough that no one with the slightest magical perception can help but notice. It's strong enough that even reasonably sensitive mundanes can pick up on it, for all that they don't know what they're sensing.” Raith paused to smirk maliciously. Perfect teeth gleamed in a shark-like smile.

“Those feelings you're so worried about? The guilt when you hurt him and the longing when he's gone and the warm fuzzies when he's nearby? They're all you. They're your emotional reaction to what you're picking up, caught in the center of it as you are. Of course you want to be near him and feel safe around him, with all that brushing up against your aura. Who doesn't like feeling cherished and protected? Who wouldn't feel bad about hurting someone they knew right down to their bones felt that way about them?”

For the first time since the words “he's claimed you” were spoken in a garden of magical date-rape flowers, John's rage faltered. Deprived of its bolstering effect he felt abruptly lost and empty, drained of anything but a hard knot of weary hurt in his gut.

Perhaps Raith noticed this, because while his expression gained no warmth, the viciousness leached from it until he merely looked anxious, raggedly resentful, and nearly as tired as John felt.

“He's not the type to force someone's obedience. Case in point, if he didn't care quite deeply about your will he wouldn't have confined himself to cuddling and mild groping back in the flowers. There's plenty of older, better-trained wizards that wouldn't have been able to resist pushing you down and taking you right there, regardless of what you wanted. I've seen it. That he was able to control himself so well in that state … probably some of it was that he's had a lot of experience with mind-control, and being drugged. But a lot of it was about you. Look, just … just talk to the Guard. Harry's probably got them watching out for you, it shouldn't be hard to get in contact if you can find something they want.”

“What makes you think he'd still bother at this point?”

Raith's smile flickered back on, rueful this time.

“If you could see that protective mark on your brow you wouldn't need to ask.”

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 10/?

(Anonymous) 2011-12-27 03:15 am (UTC)(link)
“It's in three parts. Three marks where he kissed you – Possession over the neck, Romance on the mouth, and Protection at your forehead,” Raith explained, illustrating with gestures at his own body.

“The first means that you belong to him – that you answer to him and he takes care of you. The second says, surprise surprise, that he's sexually interested in you – and, in conjunction with the other two, that he's taken you as his consort. The third one lets everyone know that you're under his protection and they'll have to go through him and every ally he can call on in order to harm you.”

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 11/?

(Anonymous) 2011-12-27 03:27 am (UTC)(link)
Ebeneezer let out a shaky breath. Harry had been relieved to hear that taking a consort did not involve mind-magic. He'd been upset more by that idea than by the fear of execution, Ebeneezer thought, though the latter had been in no small way on his mind as well. His mentor's reassurances had relaxed him enough to relate further details – like what had triggered the claiming, as Harry was decades too young to have fallen into that state naturally. He'd have to warn the Council about those flowers, and see what could be done about eradicating them. They were a nasty piece of work, no mistake.

He wondered, carefully hiding his turmoil from Harry, whether he should be furious that his grandson had been drugged, and thus essentially coerced, into making one of a wizard's most important decisions half a century before he was ready for it, or grateful that the precocious boy would at least know the joys of having a consort before he got himself killed taking on something too powerful. Perhaps, he mused, having chosen this particular companion would keep the young fool alive long enough to reach adulthood. A mortal with enough wits and power (and balls) to take a place on the Accords would be a formidable partner. It all depended on whether or not this Marcone guy could come to terms with his new status and the responsibilities that came with it.

He already owed the idiot an ass-kicking for his mismanagement, though he supposed some slack should be allowed as the mortal likely had no idea what being claimed meant. It wasn't like Harry would have been any help on that front, uneducated as he was in the matter. Doubtless they were both equally uncertain and off-balance. He really needed to sit Harry down and explain things first, and he'd pay a visit to meet the consort at some later date. He could always shoot the bastard then if he hadn't shaped up.

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 12/?

(Anonymous) 2011-12-27 03:32 am (UTC)(link)
The kiss was intense, and for a long moment John lost himself in it. Eventually Harry jerked away, panting, reluctant, obviously struggling to focus, but determined to speak. “John,” he slurred, “John, do you, do you still – ” his eyes glazed and he broke off, swaying in toward John's lips again before he caught himself. He shook his head sharply and scowled as he met John's eyes.

“John – b'fore. You were willin' to deal, fight, kidnap, an' kill to have me, you... John. D'you still wan' me?”

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 13/?

(Anonymous) 2011-12-27 04:42 am (UTC)(link)
The Guard, when he lured them from hiding, were unexpectedly charming, endearingly childlike in their mindset and enthusiasm. Many of them, especially the smaller ones, seemed genuinely delighted that “Lord Harry” had chosen a consort, and excitedly darted to and fro, bragging about past triumphs and crowing over their placement on John's new pixie guard detail.

The larger ones tended gather around a dainty-looking fairy with hair like dandelion fluff and a truly impressive glower for someone barely a foot tall. General Toot-toot was plainly dissatisfied by his Lord's choice, and made his contempt known by keeping his distance, pointedly ignoring John after the necessary introductions. John disregarded the rude behavior in favor of speaking with the more welcoming members of the Guard. All of them were full of praises for their beloved Za Lord, who was generous with his care and protection and, most importantly, pizza.

A delicate female half the size of John's pinkie squeaked her tale of a daring rescue from a teenaged practitioner with more romanticism than sense or compassion. A slightly taller male had been retrieved from the clutches of a hungry stray cat. Still another had received hours of assistance placing his silk-twig-and-beer-can home in just the right location for quick access to a nearby restaurant's kitchen without coming in range of cleaning attempts or raindrops. All three had leaped at the opportunity to join the Guard upon receiving the offer – from Toot-toot, not Harry. John wondered, during the tenth or twelfth rendition of such stories, if Harry realized how thoroughly he'd captured the loyalty of his diminutive army.

It was a dismissive throwaway comment, ill-conceived and sparked by a flash of truly ridiculous jealousy and the lingering knot of hurt and resentment discovered in the wake of John's awkward talk with Raith, that eventually triggered the tiny general's explosion.

“He is not weak! He is the greatest wizard! He's faced down the Erlking and even the Queens and he's not even full-grown yet! He will be stronger and warmer and braver than any Lord yet seen, and Toot-toot would have been big enough for him when he was old enough to choose! But the stupid flowers made him choose early, and now he chose you, and Toot-toot will never be his consort, and you're not even good at it!”

“It doesn't take much skill to be a belonging,” John snapped back, before shutting his eyes and breathing deliberately through his nose. Hendricks was right about one thing, he admitted to himself. This whole situation had him badly off-balance, and far less controlled than he could afford to be.

“Foolish! Selfish! Consort is a position of great honor, great responsibility! You don't even know what you're doing! You dare rob Toot-toot of his chance and then undermine your charge?”

John wrenched his eyes open, struggling to pay attention to what was being said instead of lashing out automatically. Briefly he wished Hendricks was here, helping John maintain his composure by proximity alone. Even more briefly his mind flashed to Harry and the calm focus his presence seemed to bestow now – but that was a pointless, counterproductive thought and he cut it off quickly. The rest of the Guard had fallen silent, listening with an air that was markedly less convivial than it had been.

“I don't understand,” he said finally, forcing himself to speak rationally. “In what way is Dresden my charge? I was under the impression that these marks meant, if anything, I was his.”

“Dunce,” the fairy scoffed. “He takes care of you, protects you – you guard his heart. You think consorts just sit around and look pretty?”

A collection of jeers and rude noises indicated the Guard's opinion of this view. Toot-toot's voice rose, shrill and irate.

“You try to keep him healthy, mind and body. You give him a place relax his guard, somewhere he can meet his deepest needs safely. You keep him balanced. Keep him happy. Keep him smart when he's being foolish. Keep him safe when he's too hurt to take care of himself. You guard his weak points! You don't exploit them, make up stupid, petty lies that play on his worst fears and make him hurt and doubt and run!” The pixie vibrated in anger, rising to scold John at eye-level.

“Idiot! Traitor! The most important trust a wizard can give and you use it to hurt him!”

“Tell me about it then,” John challenged. “This is the first I've heard about responsibilities. I've never cared for betrayal. Tell me what duties come with this position, so that I may endeavor not to repeat my mistakes.”

He met the skeptical, evaluating look Toot-toot leveled at him with renewed purpose. Responsibility meant power. If he had a firm understanding to ground himself on, and some means to control his life, he could cope with whatever changes and overcome whatever obstacle he ran up against.

The dewdrop fairy opened his mouth to speak again. He was interrupted by the stun grenade that landed in the clearing.

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 14/?

(Anonymous) 2011-12-27 04:53 am (UTC)(link)
“D'you want me?”

“Of course,” John gasped, “but – ”

But you're clearly under the influence of something, and while I'm tempted regardless, I have a lurking suspicion that taking your binding oath while you're drugged would be a surer way to end up dead than being your enemy outright, he didn't manage to explain, because Harry took this as permission to pull him into another kiss – and if John had thought the first one was intense, the second was mind-blowing. His lips were still tingling as Harry shifted his focus to begin an assault on the most sensitive part of John's neck. That tingled too, when Harry finally came up for air, resting his forehead against John's in an intimate gesture that stole John's breath more thoroughly than any number of kisses. The gentle, chaste press of lips to his brow should have been anticlimactic, but John shivered in its wake, leaning into Harry's welcome embrace.

It wasn't until then that he noticed the glowing shield that surrounded them, or the frantic bodyguard and horrified vampire suddenly present outside it.

“Mine,” Harry sighed contentedly into his hair.

Re: Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 14/?

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Re: Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 14/?

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Re: Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 14/?

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Re: Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 14/?

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Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 15/27

(Anonymous) 2012-01-14 07:47 am (UTC)(link)
John didn't quite manage to get an arm up in time to save his vision. The disorienting blast that accompanied the flash put him on the ground, dizzy and nauseous and only vaguely aware of Toot-toot struggling beneath him. The tranq dart that followed the blast confirmed his hunch. Professionals – and skilled ones, to have gotten the drop on him. They must have been thrilled, if suspicious, to see him in an isolated area without a single bodyguard in sight or calling distance – an unforgivably foolish oversight in retrospect, but Hendricks was needed at the office and he hadn't wanted an unfamiliar presence to hinder his chances of meeting the Guard face-to-face. Clearly they'd thought it too good an opportunity to pass up.

His ears were still ringing, his hearing only partially returned, when rough hands bound his sluggish arms in zipcord and hauled him bodily to his feet. Toot-toot's weight rose with him, and he carefully stayed bent over long enough for the fairy to secure his grip, shifting to a position under his suit jacket that offered slightly better concealment. John played up his distress, leaning heavily into his captors and moaning to cover the sounds of high-pitched but furtive gasps and whimpers, and the occasional curse. It occurred to him, as he listened to far too few soft cries of pain and confusion, that a nonlethal concussive weapon was probably much more dangerous for small, airborne beings than it was for larger, grounded humans. How many of the Guard had died in that blast?

“General,” he mumbled quietly between groans, blinking through tears, “how badly are you hurt? Can you get to Mr Hendricks or Ha-Dresden?”

“I stay with you, Consort. One of the others will find the red man, and you can call Lord Harry yourself, but he said 'stay with him and guard him,' so that is what I am going to do. You will not go alone with your enemies while Toot-toot is on duty!”

John did not get a chance to question or argue further, as the thugs holding him chose that moment to begin moving. He carefully showed no reaction to the tiny cries that were cut off by crunching sounds as they walked. Later, he promised, he would repay these men for their brutality in kind, but for now he stumbled along with them, trying not to dislodge his small, tenacious guardian.

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 16/27

(Anonymous) 2012-01-14 07:54 am (UTC)(link)
Harry stopped dead in the middle of oiling leather tack.

“Problem?” Ebeneezer queried from across the room.

“I – no. Just – no, nothing.” The gnarled old man set down the wickedly curved harvest blade he was polishing and eyed his former student.

“Hoss, you are no better at lying now than you were when you were sixteen and sneaking out to sleep in the stable with the horses.” Harry blushed.

A judicious application of lifted eyebrows broke his will, and he reluctantly admitted, “It was just one of those weird feelings, you know? The paranoia that crops up randomly for no discernible reason, magical or mundane? Like something bad is sneaking up on you, or just kicked in your door while you were out. I just can't shake the feeling that there's something wrong I need to take care of back home.”

Ebeneezer lunged for his staff. “Where's it coming from? Can you follow that feeling?”

Harry scrambled for his own staff. “Sir?”

“Hoss, if the feeling ain't fading and can't be reasoned away there's probably a good reason for it. Add the directional tug and you've got yourself one brand new consort in trouble. Is he calling you on purpose yet?”

“How would I know if he was?”

“You'll know.”

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 17/27

(Anonymous) 2012-01-14 08:28 am (UTC)(link)
It took over an hour for the call Hendricks placed to bear fruit, and it triggered no little awkwardness. Dresden was startled by the gofer's abrupt entrance and reacted swiftly, shifting from mindlessly amorous to fully defensive in an instant. As soon as the young lady popped out from the bushes he rolled John forward, pinning him firmly and interposing his own body between John and the new arrival. His shield flared warningly and a loud, angry snarl sounded through the garden from beside John's ear.

Struggling to convince his libido that, no matter the intentions behind them, forceful immobilization and feral growling next to his ear were
not turn-ons, John barely noticed that all motion in the garden had ceased until Raith broke the frozen tableau.

Gently taking the grease-stained bag from the pale, shaken girl, he sent her off. He met Har-Dresden's eyes and waited for him to settle before he approached, crooning softly, movements slow and carefully non-threatening. “Easy, Harry. It's just me, just Thomas. You know me. Calm, shh, I'm no threat to you and yours.”

Possibly Dresden did recognize him, because he made it almost within touching distance of the shield before the wizard became restive again and he had to stop. “Marcone, if you know any relaxation techniques, this might be a good time to employ them. The calmer you are, the calmer he'll be.”

Raith started edging forward as he spoke, coming closer until he could press lightly against the glowing barrier – Dresden rumbled in displeasure.

“Easy there. Eeeeeeasy. He's all yours, Harry. I'm not trying to take him from you. You know I wouldn't do that to you, right? I just want a look. That's okay, isn't it? You can trust me. Just a look. I'm not even going to touch him, see? Juust looking. There we go, caaaalm. Just taking a look at your fine prize, there. Nothing to get upset about, yeah? Yeah, that's good.
Very nice. Eeeasy does it.”

A little more gentle coaxing from Raith, and a bit from John, and Ha-
Dresden finally let the shield flicker out, though he grew tenser as Raith approached, flashing his teeth in a warning growl, ready to call it back up at a moment's notice. Raith carefully avoided touching John as he crawled nearer, instead placing the fast food bag as close as he could before Dresden lost his patience entirely and pushed him away with a twist of will and a gesture – he did it gently, so perhaps he wasn't completely gone. They could only hope.

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 18/27

(Anonymous) 2012-01-14 08:36 am (UTC)(link)
John listened to two of his abductors talk quietly in the front seat. He couldn't make out words, but the thick Bostonian accent was unmistakable. Morelli. Again. The man had been a minor thorn in his side for years, tiresome and frankly contemptible in his business practices, but recently he was fast becoming a real problem.

He stifled a grunt as the van went over another bump, tossing him into the air and slamming him back into the unforgiving metal floor. He checked that Toot-toot had not been knocked loose from his hiding place among the drop cloths in the corner. The last thing either of them needed was for the little fairy to fall onto the uncovered steel flooring, or be spotted by tumbling in the open. He'd barely managed to slip away unnoticed while John was searched for weapons – a foot tall might be a bit on the small side for intimidation, but it became awkwardly large when the goal was to slip from a jacket to a hiding spot without being seen by four professional kidnappers who happened to be right on top of you. The process had required a carefully timed fall-turned-apparent-escape-attempt beside the tire of a convenient truck, and had earned him no little time unconscious as an expression of his captors' appreciation.

The van bounced again, and John managed to use the motion to push him closer to Toot-toot's corner without alerting the goons sitting in the back with them. One benefit of mortal abductors was their determined ignorance of the supernatural. For all that they'd walked across the bodies of fallen dewdrop fairies, they'd probably already dismissed them as unusually large bugs. As such, they had no reason to suspect that John had an ally in the van, thereby giving him and Toot-toot an advantage, however diminished by Toot-toot's injury. “How's your arm?” he murmured, barely audible even to his own ears.

The tiny general shrugged, cradling the broken limb. “It will heal. You did not wriggle over here to chat about my arm.”

“You said I could contact H-Dresden. How?”

“You are his consort. He'll know when you're in danger. Call him and he will come to your aid.”

How do I call him, General?”

Toot-toot glared as if he were a disappointingly obtuse student. “Focus! Want him here. Wish for rescue. Desire his aid. He'll feel it as urgently as you do.”

“And just how is he supposed to find us?”

John's diminutive ally huffed impatiently. “What did you think that Mark of Possession was for?

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 19/27

(Anonymous) 2012-01-14 08:38 am (UTC)(link)
He was in Hell. He wasn't sure how he'd died without noticing it, but it was the only explanation that fit all the facts.

Harry sucked and licked burger grease from John's fingers, smiled guilelessly and proffered french fries in return. John swallowed dryly and opened his mouth.

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 20/27

(Anonymous) 2012-01-14 08:43 am (UTC)(link)
Harry knelt in the grass beside the tiny, broken bodies of his Guard. The survivors trilled their story in high voices, over and over. Ebeneezer stood off to one side, respectful of his student's grief.

Eventually Harry spoke, voice rough with suppressed emotion. “Has anyone gone for Hendricks yet?”

“Elidee left to find the red man,” chimed a blue light of indeterminate gender, “and Teetu went for the vampire.”

“How long ago was that?”

“Not long, not long! You got here so fast!”

Harry turned back to his mentor. “He's still moving. We should probably wait for – ”

He cut off and nearly toppled over, face gone slack in sudden shock. Ebeneezer moved forward to catch him, but was brushed aside as Harry rose gasping, “We need to go, we need to go right now.

There it is, Ebeneezer thought, gripping a shoulder to hold the lanky body in place. The first summons always felt life-or-death urgent, he remembered, but right now was not the time to go haring off without allies, an idea of who they'd be fighting, or even a fixed location to travel to. “Slow down there, Hoss. We don't even know where we're going yet, none of your pals are here – ”

“No time. Sir, we have to go, they've stopped and they're hurting him.”

And there went any chance of talking the boy into waiting.

Marked, Bound Ever To Thee 21/27

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For a long, muzzily indeterminate time John didn't understand why Hendricks was upset. He was perfectly safe, after all – better than safe, he had Harry at long last, and it was so good. He felt peaceful, relaxed, and warm right down to his soul; loved and truly happy for the first time in far too many years. Hendricks had never been homophobic, had never even given John the hairy eyeball over his sexuality, so what could be bothering him? Unless it was the vampire. The vampire was very bothersome, as a rule. John would be bothered by the vampire right now if everything in the world weren't perfect, but as things stood he was content with the smug knowledge that he had won in the end. No question why the soulsucker was unhappy – Harry was a prize anyone could see the worth of. Except maybe Harry.

He involuntarily moaned into the next kiss, arched into the hands that crept under his jacket – no, his undershirt, where had his jacket gone and when had his shirt been undone? – and whined a little as they bared his chest and tortured increasingly sensitive nipples. He wove his fingers into overlong hair, pulled away to smile into warm chocolate eyes.

They were empty.

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One of the thugs in the bed of the van had sharper ears than John accounted for. Catching part of John's whispered argument with Toot-toot, he assumed that John was talking into a radio that he and his compatriots had somehow missed. A sharp command had the vehicle pulling off the road and squealing to a stop, and John was yanked out and dumped harshly in the dirt. Sand dunes, he noted, Indiana? before a boot sank into his gut with enough force to paint stars across his vision, which made it exponentially harder to maintain his focus on attempting to somehow, mystically “call” Harry Dresden.

“Where is it?” a voice growled as hands tore his clothing open, exploring his body for a wire or a cell phone or some other transmitting device.

“Where?” This time the barked question was accompanied by a blow to his side. John felt something crack, and then his focus shattered entirely as a shrill, clear voice rang out.

“For the Za Lord!”

“The hell is that!”

“Kill it!”

“Shit, it's got a blade!”

“Is that a box-cutter?”

“Somebody get the darts from the van!”

“Where the fuck's the stun gun?”

“Is that a fairy?

“Fucking kill it!”

John rolled and kicked one of the kidnappers in the knee, evoking a satisfying crunch and a scream. Down went the man who'd pulled a Tazer, though he unfortunately had enough presence of mind to use it on John as he landed.

An extremely unpleasant minute or two followed that, but John managed to lash out again and hit the man's head this time, before moving to get a strangle-hold with his legs. As his vision cleared and the man's struggles slowed, he spared a moment to feel grateful that he no longer had anything remotely metallic on his person, then took stock of his ally and their enemies. Toot-toot's opponents were clearly injured, bleeding from dozens of cuts all over their bodies, but they had just as clearly gained the upper hand, disarming the little fairy and knocking him to the ground. One of them pinned him in place with a familiar boot while a second leaned down to stare in wonder. The third retrieved the dewdrop fairy's fallen box-cutter and started forward with a vindictive gleam in his eye. The first put a hand out and warned him, “Just damage its wings, man, you have any idea how much we could sell this thing for?”

Toot-toot thrashed and cursed them all viciously, but couldn't break free.

John was the only one who saw the rip in the world tear open in front of the van.


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“Hold your horses, dammit, I can't do a blamed thing until he comes out of the Nevernever! Just keep heading southeast until I can get a bead on him.”

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Harry smiled at him sweetly, and for once it wasn't a herald to vicious words. It was soft and loving and beautiful in every respect, except for the glassy-eyed gaze above it. John's stomach turned, even as he felt the tug to continue, to lean back and let Harry – no, it was still Dresden, wasn't it? John hadn't won a damn thing – take this as far as he wished.

It was surprisingly difficult to breathe.

“What's wrong with us?”

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