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Ghost Story Prompts and meta

The Ghost Story spoiler period is expired; prompts, meta, discussion, etc. including Ghost Story spoilers can take place in the regular pages, but please consider your fellow fans, and continue to warn for spoilers. You can continue to use this post if you would like.

Change of plans, folks. Given the fact that Ghost Story spoilers are supposedly already floating around the web and the fact that there's an early limited release at Comic Con this weekend, we're going to start a Ghost Story specific post.

All GS related prompts, fills, discussion and meta go here so as to not spoil your fellow fans (at least the ones that don't want to be :D). All fills should follow posting guidelines, with the exception of GS meta going to the meta/discussion post. Questions? Ask the mods.

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In case it needs to be said. All comments to this post are read at the risk of spoilers.

Re: Repost Fill

(Anonymous) 2012-01-18 03:56 am (UTC)(link)
My name is Margaret Angelica. I could think of a couple of last names to pick in an introduction, but they don't really seem right. I'm a fourteen year old girl and there are hundreds of things I can't do.

During Misdummer I'm not allowed out of the house. Sitting in a house full of were-people and their toddler isn't going to make up for not going to the dance that Jacob asked me to.

I'm not allowed to walk into some office buildings; by the same token I'm not really allowed to call the police, either. Someone else has to do it or I call someone Charity approves of. The list isn't big. Phones don't seem like a good option anyway.

"Maggie, your lunch box is moving..." I blushed and slammed it down, watching little tiny lights scatter- little pixie creatures that follow me around everywhere I go. My friends don't really notice but sometimes I see the looks that Harry gives me from across the lunch room.

"So, I got permission to do a report instead of the project. It's going to be on Paranormal Newspapers, like the one in Chicago." I can't go these either, but that's a different story. Beth and Mina looked at me like I had Mouse kicked in front of me. So what if I was double adopted?

Well, I cared. Or at least I did last year for the heritage day project. I wanted to know why I was already half a foot taller than my friends and why I had dark hair and little magic lights and why Miss Murphy never let me swim at the lake or why-

Why no one wanted to tell me that the man at the temple was my dad. Later on I got told that Wizards somehow knew things without people spelling it out for them. Harry Dresden was my dad, and he was the reason I don't do hundreds of things that I might have been able to.

"Is, err, your Molly okay with this?" That was another mistake. I had told them about my idea and even if it was wrong they still thought it was good enough to be true. Wizards aren't right about everything and boy, did I owe Mr. Michael an apology after that one. It was a two day long scream fest between Charity and me- Leech said it was just like Molly all over again, which made me scream even louder. I thought that if I was old enough to see my family ripped apart my monsters and get- and after that place, the ruins and bad smiles, that I should know if she was grandma and if that loser on the street, Molly, was my mom.

Miss Murph took me for the rest of the week and gave me a folder on Susan Rodriguez. I couldn't do a project on my family because I would get into trouble. When your father is a homeland terrorist and your mother a known guerrilla fighter in cartel South America, and your adoption not completely legal, you can't talk about your family. It'd be easier if I didn't have one.

"Still eating with these losers, Beth?" We all knew that Beth was the prettiest of all of us. Mina squinting behind her glasses and my imitation of the metal pole outside didn't stand up to a cute little nose and brunette curls.

"Go away, Clark." I wasn't allowed to spend time with my uncle and near-aunt. It would give away too many family secrets and I don't like vampires. I can't watch the TV shows or movies about them (I'll admit, that one is a personal choice). But I knew what they were; Clark looked something like Uncle Thomas. Pale skin, dark hair, and eyes that were almost devious.

You didn't have to be a wizard to find out what would happen if Beth stopped fighting his advances. She just didn't know that it would kill her.

"Shit!" The fruit punch spilled all over his white shirt like blood. I was getting better at aiming my own magic and Beth was getting less glazed in the face.

My name is Margaret Angelica Carpenter. Mendoza was left in the jungle, and maybe someday he'll care enough to call me Dresden, and there are hundreds of things that I can't do.

But I'm starting to see that I'll be able to do so much more.