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Dressing Room

Ack! Close the door; people are changing in here!

This post is for RPG shenanigans. The rules stand. A short refresher: don't be an asshole.

This post-specifics: multiple characters are okay. Characters specific to alternate verses are okay. OCs are okay. Your journal coming in to hang too is okay. There isn't a formal scenario here; it's an open sandbox where all characters and community-watchers can come and play. If your thread is going adult-only, put up a notice in the subject line. If it's going into trigger territory, don't be an asshole: no noncon-noncon'ing anyone, watchers included. Don't start OOC shit.

And have a blast!

(Don't have a dreamwidth account for your character(s)? Go check out [site community profile] dw_codesharing. If there's nothing on the first page, dig deep. Lots get missed, especially when new codes go out. Also, check out the code sharing post.)
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And is the only one other than Harry who can keep track of his jobs.

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He grunts, closes box up, sticks it back in the bag. Well, that was his good deed for the day. And he got to see Dresden in action when the world wasn't ending. Something for the books.

"Always a pleasure, Dresden." And he walks away, turning his phone on as he goes.

There's a message waiting for him. High priority, from Marcone... a link to a Youtube video.

He glares up at the office tower, imagining he can see the sun glinting off Johnny's binoculars. Yeah, he'd have preferred being rickrolled.