readyaimfuego: cover of "Side Jobs", Harry wearing his hat, holding his staff, and looking off to the side (side jobs)
Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden ([personal profile] readyaimfuego) wrote in [community profile] dresden_kink 2011-04-02 04:51 am (UTC)

[Harry has more cupcakes. He actually has a box of the things. They were half-off and Harry is not about to let opportunities like that pass him by.]

Do you have a major or undecided? Or are you just there for the girls? [He winks, smirks, look he's cool Uncle Harry, right?]

[He holds up his book.] Grimm fairy tales. Or, as my people call it, research material. Dark stuff, but Jacob and Wilhelm did their best to get information out there for the mundanes.

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