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moreacream ([personal profile] moreacream) wrote in [community profile] dresden_kink 2011-08-15 04:50 pm (UTC)

Inari walks into the little tavern carefully, blinking at the switch from the bright Chicago summer to the dim inside light. She's never been here before, would have walked right past the office building if Justine (Justine, the only one who'll take her calls at the family house, who even talks to her anymore) hadn't given her the address, but it's close to her hotel and-- according to half-remembered chatter she hadn't been meant to hear when she was younger-- a good place to go for a meal and some company, if you weren't up for crowds, or, perhaps, feeling completely human.

She makes it down the little set of stairs without tripping, her eyes adjusting slowly, and glances around, hoping for a familiar face. And something to eat-- wow, does it smell good in here. It's been a few hours since that latte before her plane ride, and her stomach is quite happy to remind her.

First things first, then. She walks up to the bar. "Hi!"

(This post still open? If it is or if it isn't, anyone else want to meet her at Mac's? The more the merrier!)

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