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But Kincaid is an occasional character & would probably develop his nervous ticks given screen time?

There he is-- that's the Dresden he was waiting for. He grunts, lifts his bag up and digs out a bao. Goes straight for the coconut cream because look at what he's dealing with here.

"You and your boyfriend go to the parade?" He can't do the Most Innocent Mobster In The World face like Johnny can, but he can play deadpan to anyone's asshole.

He's pretty sure the vampire isn't actually Dresden's boyfriend. It would be like Dresden to be that stupid-- that's a given. But the pieces don't fit right; there's something else there.

And seriously, Dresden. Doesn't the guy have a copy of the Accords? He was the first voice on Marcone's entrance: he has to know what Chicago is now, the rules governing everything that happens within its limits.

But he's not opening that can of explosives. Takes a bite of bao instead, and after a second holds out the box. Why the hell not.

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