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bigraudr ([personal profile] bigraudr) wrote in [community profile] dresden_kink 2011-05-29 06:27 am (UTC)

He can manage that. He needs someone other than J & G to talk to. Not good when HD's sane company.

He's back on solid ground, and that's what matters, so he sucks at his teeth a moment and watches the kite bob and weave, blurring into a rainbow, going so fast it probably constitutes a deadly weapon.

"Right... Okay." He looks up at the blur of kite, draws a deep breath. He's spoken for Marcone before. "You get the kite. That's good; you like it, right? So take it home. The circle breaks, you take it and you go, and you don't come back here, not to Chicago. You leave these people alone, and no sending any of your friends or anyone else in your place. And then the kite's yours to keep, if you keep your promise, and honor it in goodwill. Got it? We have a deal?"

He holds his breath-- shoots Dresden a look. He's done his part. Now it's up the sylph.

(ooc: night!)

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