fanatic_os: hollow-faced and eyed man with grey hair, wearing a cowl, pulling the fabric down to reveal his face, looking head-on (post-death: surprise)
Donald Morgan ([personal profile] fanatic_os) wrote in [community profile] dresden_kink 2011-05-29 06:10 am (UTC)

He died in Winter. And Winter doesn't give its prizes away.

It's a nice night, the sky ripe with stars just coming out, pale glimmers and a rising sliver of moon. There are a few puddles on the ground, from a day intermittent with Chicago spring showers, and the scent of flowers, of new life and fresh earth.

It's risky, being here. This side of the Nevernever. This city, maybe, particularly. But Winter's hold is strong in Chicago, is rooted deep with Maeve in Undertown and Dresden's homestead, and there's neutral ground just a few steps away. And the mortal world is tempting, all the more so since it's been lost to him. Too tempting to stay away from for long.

Morgan opens the door to MacAnally's, and disappears down the stairs.

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