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I think I read that as a reference to the original contract with the many-centuries-ago wizard who first put Bob in the skull. There must have been some sort of formal deal there, given what we know about working with spirits, even if it was only "you take the binding spells and I don't destroy you, capisce?"

Whatever obligations are on Bob from that original deal seem to go along to whoever holds the skull (for possibly flexible definitions of 'hold') so presumably Harry inherited the 'contract' unchanged via Kemmler and Justin.

I've always been curious as to why Harry doesn't seem to show any interest in the conditions of Bob's bondage, beyond what he uses on a practical everyday level. Does he know enough to know he should leave well enough alone, or is it just more of his narratively convenient obliviousness, to be a plot point at some later date in the series? And I wonder how much Justin told them about Bob and how much he worked out on his own/with Bob's help.