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Re: Meta on "Lost in the life", non!con and canon!Marcone

(Anonymous) 2012-04-25 02:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Marcone takes expedient choices that come to hand. Some Marcones are provided with more corrosive choices than others.

This Marcone, perhaps less seasoned in the ways power can fail the weak, is too willing to take as given that Harry, for all that he appears sweet, deserves the punishment of enslavement.

Hendricks seems to be more firmly (but not enough to stop John) on the side that some means are plain wrong. This would be akin to the Laws of Magic, interestingly.

I think canon!Marcone does have an ethical position regarding rape, it's just one that distinguishes between sheep and goats. He might consider the practices of some of his street operators repugnant, but as long as they restrain themselves to adults in the criminal bent, he's not going to be executing them in warehouses. He may also have a personal position, that he prefers his torture to stick to 'traditional violence' and scatological horror, and not include rape in the mix he metes out.

This could been seen as his version of not killing people with magic.

At the point I've read to he's burning all the bridges that have led to where he is with Harry, that have authorized the enslavement of children left to fend for themselves.

Not that any of these things can free Harry. It has consigned to death various captives that could not survive their masters. Marcone must live with his actions, and see how he can let Harry live in chains.

I think Nathan really enjoyed his work with Morgan.