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I suspect that part of it is imbibing a fair amount of social messages until he started killing radios. And one of those messages is that guys like sex, all sex, and that they can't be used.

Yeah, like him sheet dancing with his adopted sister is healthy. I suspect Justin knew and used that his own ends, encouraged it even (by restricting their ability to form friendships and other connections away from their little 'home').

Harry even young scrawny and not much of a runner is quite a physical presence by his 20s. It wouldn't be uncommon for him to think of assault mostly physically and less social engineered. One he believes himself 'proof against' and the other he's fighting an unarmed battle of wits.

So I could see him latching onto the most repressive aspects of social control of sex. That for him there is a very small area of 'safe' and the rest is just thicket waiting to rip people apart. These repressive aspects were the 'women's rules'.