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Re: Just got thinking about fanfic...

(Anonymous) 2011-07-13 01:17 am (UTC)(link)
Her concern doesn't seem to be so much with the writing of the fic itself as the fact that she equates putting it on the 'net as "publishing." The way I read it, it's okay to write it for yourself or to share with your friends, but, in her words, to not "publish[] and proliferat[e] stories based on my copyrighted material via the Internet or any other highly distributable form."

So you can write it so long as you don't publish it, and putting it on the internet counts as publishing.

Which, for me, defeats the purpose. I don't have RL friends that I can share fanfic, since all the friends I used to share fic with in RL have either moved to fandoms I don't read or moved (and I lost touch).

BTW, despite the fanfic restriction, I still love Green Rider. <3

(And, finally, this kinkmeme has utterly destroyed me. I just wrote that last "fanfic" as "fanfuck". FML.)