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Re: Meta on "Lost in the life" dub!con and non!con and canon!Marcone

(Anonymous) 2011-06-07 03:24 am (UTC)(link)
To me it reads like he's in denial, but an almost conscious kind of denial where he's pretty much just choosing to live out a fantasy. Like, on the one hand everything's like it appears to be and Harry's a sweet, relatively innocent young guy who was attracted to Marcone and initiated the sex, and on the other hand Marcone coerced him via the collar, but then Harry's a dangerous murderer who really should be in that cell Marcone had prepared. There's no actual need to verify anything, especially as that would most likely ruin the fantasy, whether in terms of what Harry wanted or who Harry actually is.

So I don't think he was so much lying to Hendricks as giving himself the benefit of the doubt, if that makes any sense. That kind of flexible moral perspective seems the kind of thing Marcone would be good at, seeing as he does make an effort to justify his actions.