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Personality Traits

Uhm, hi. I know this might sound bad to some of you, but I've always had a problem with naming traits with canon characters, mostly because they're not my characters. I just don't have that connection with them to really understand their personalities and thought process, so I was wondering if y'all could help me with, well, naming their traits.

NO. Not asking you to tell me how to write them, just asking you to tell me your thoughts on... who you think the characters are...

OTL, this is not coming out right, but please, it would be a relief just to get a few words to work off of.

I know, I know. I should be able to figure these things out myself. Bad writer, bad! But it's embarrassing asking un-anon and I'm too shy to go find a beta (or ask what a beta really does besides fixing typos(?)) as un-anon and tell them my predicament. Kind of a beginner, here. /awkwardturtle

If, uhm, you'd people like to help out a fellow peep, replying is most appreciated and questions are okay. If you think I need to GTFO, please tell me and I'll be on my way.

And if this doesn't belong in the discussion post, uhm... I don't know where it should belong? It doesn't seem to really fit with the "asking a mod" thing. Erm. School me?

what the juice. talking to people should be easier on the internet.

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