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Just got thinking about fanfic...

I know I read somewhere that Jim doesn't mind others writing fanfic and sharing with friends, although he won't read it himself, but I was re-reading another series (Green Rider) lately, and wanted to read some fanfic on it. Then I stumbled across this: . Now, obviously, she doesn't want fanfic shared about her stories, although it appears that some have completely disregarded that request. I remembered upon seeing it that it was the reason I dropped Green Rider fanfic entirely.

I have noticed that I am more likely to go out and buy Dresden Files as soon as it comes out and read it, and this is a series that I both write and read fanfic in. Green Rider is a series that I would like to see fanfic in, but I also respect the authors wishes and so won't write for it or read very much of it. I also don't go out and buy new books right away, and I didn't even notice that there was a fourth book out until looking at her page today.

My question is this:
So does fanfic actually grow, expand, and keep a fan base for a particular series?

The answer for myself is obviously 'yes.' If I don't have something to keep me interested while waiting for the next book to come out, I forget about it. Not because I didn't like the series, but because I have the attention span of a gnat. I'm also more likely to share that series with others because I want them to read and understand the fics that I'm reading. There are several series that I started reading fanfic for first, and then started reading the series because of the fanfic. David Weber was one of those. :)

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