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"Meaner than Men"

I'm going through Storm Front again, and I've hit the part where Harry's talking to Murphy and Carmichael about who Tommy Tomm and Jennifer Stanton's killer might be. Harry is utterly convinced that it's a woman, because, as he says, "Women are better at hating than men. They can focus it better, let it go better. Hell, witches are just plain meaner than wizards" (21, paperback).

My question: given what we know of Harry now (Harry's life has been filled with men from both sides of the fence, from manipulative and abusive Justin to his loving father Malcolm, and from the super-strict Morgan to laid-back Bob), where did this ideology come from? If you consider that most of the powerful men in his life have either abused him physically/emotionally/magically or had the potential to (as I don't remember anything canon-specific about Eb being so), where are the "mean" women in his life? Lea, as I see her, isn't so much mean as she is manipulative - and she appears to have had very little of a "mean" impact on Harry's life after Justin, since she's still waiting for him to fulfill his end of the bargain.

The idea that women are meaner than men (given his experience with men - only one, possibly two, "good" father figures) had to originate somewhere. The women I remember in canon only showed their "hate" potential after Harry gives the above statement (in Chapter TWO).

And, final note, is this why Harry is so insistent on treating a woman "like a lady"? I.e., is he afraid if he doesn't they are somehow going to exact revenge?

Please note, I'm aware of the inconsistencies of Harry's logic - he does not, for example, treat Bianca "like a lady". Perhaps because she isn't technically human? On that note, most of the women who show their "mean" potential around him are not vanilla mortals - they're from the magical side of the world.

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